1 nocht

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Forms: nocht, anocht

n night ; an early word, supplanted in general use by adaig and surviving only in the advbl. phrase i n-nocht tonight , later anocht. nocht .i. aidche, O'Dav. 1285. ?nácht dia, gl. nocte et die, Wb. 17d5 (by Ascoli referred doubtfully to this word). acher in gaíth innocht, Thes. ii 290.4 ( Sg. 112 m. ). ib. 291.3 ( Ml. Poems i 1 ). ad-condarcc ind nocht Mairi I saw this night (i.e. the night which is now over) Mary, Bethu Brigte 3 § 11 . toet chucum a ben hinnocht, IT i 145.8 . feraid for n-aigidacht innocht and, FB 66 = anocht, Eg. geinfidh do rí . . . inocht, Lism. L. 3345 . bid marb tussa anocht, PH 299. isin aidche anocht, 3003 . san oidhche anocht, TSh. 539. anochd féin this very night, Luke xii 20 . With ellipse of prep. (after a preceding vowel in verse): secht ṁbliadna lána o nocht from to-night, TFerbe 787 . rit ita ár súil uli nocht `on thee is all our hope to-night', Cog. 120.28 (leg. rit ita ár súil innocht?).

Compds. ¤adaig: gach nochtai[d]chi sceo dee every night and day, O'Dav. 1285. ¤colba night-bedpost i.e. bed, couch: ní ranaic nochtcholba nemda the heavenly rest, ZCP xiii 363.4 = Leb. Gab.(i) i 174.15 .