1 oíbell

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Forms: aoibheall, aoibheall, aoibhill

n o, m. aoibheall (an eallaigh) m., IGT Dec. § 11.18 . Heat, high temperature , esp. of cattle or animals in the breed- ing-season. airlim n-aibil (.i. in tan bis aibell orra re teas ngréine), Laws iv 92 y , 94.4 (of cattle). erlim ria toraind no aibeall `leaping on account of thunder or sultriness', 104.8 Comm. gelistar .i. ainm d'áth uisce a mbít cethra for oíbell, Corm. p. 22 = for uíbhel, Corm. Y 674. amal elta bo ar aibell, Cog. 192.2 . cobair mbech ┐ bu i n-oibiull (tasks permitted on Sunday), LB 204b48 , cf. dol a ndiaid . . . bóu a n-aibiull, Anecd. iii 22.9 (aoibeall v.l.). erball bo aibhill, Tromd. Guaire 745 . cuaine na ccon . . . ag dol fa aoibheall, IGT Dec. ex. 459. Cf. mod. phrase: i mí aoibhill (folld. by gen.) `in the month of heat' = in the heyday, flush: [i] mí áoibhill a ḟeirge, IGT Dec. ex. 489 . i mí a. a ratha saoghalta, TSh. 542. i mí a. na n- ainmhian, 8671 . The mod. adj. aoibheall or aoibhill ` bright, merry ' (of fine weather, etc.) is prob. orig. gen. of this word.

Cf. 2 oíbell with which this word may have orig. been identical.