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adj o,ā. (cf. Welsh of).

(a) raw, uncooked, esp. of flesh (often = `bleeding'): homaib, gl. crudis [carnibus], Ml. 98b4 . om in bīd . . . cruor isin laitin, Corm. Y 1011. féoil om, RC vii 300.164 . co nus-duaid oma iat ate them raw, Aen. 156. is amh ithid a cuit féola, Maund. 172 . coin brena leth-oma . . . dia tomailt, FA 28. d'feóil uimh (: ghil), IGT Dec. ex. 1527. feóil amh, 1 Sam. ii 15. arán omh, Gadelica i 38.52 (Pairl. Chl. Tomais). Cf. ní legand bruith omh einní half-cooking melts nothing (i.e. half measures serve no purpose), Ériu iv 226 z . Fig. timmairg cách ria mod, | narop om do mír `let not your meat be raw', KMMisc. 262.20 (advice to a king), cf. tri mirenda oma indligthecha (of unlawful exactions), Laws v 434.6 Comm. As subst., generally in sense raw (bleeding) flesh: omh o, m., IGT Dec. § 69. derg cach n-om, Laws i 54.2 . in Cú cirres cach n-om who mangles all flesh, TBC-LL¹ 592. in coire do bruith na n-om, LL 300a50 (requisite of a king's house). glanaid a gor ┐ a om as a rosc, Aen. 175 (= fluidum cruorem, Aeneid iii 663 ).

(b) of other physical matter, crude, undigested, immature : an t-adbar omh crude matter, O'Gr. Cat. 252.6. fual buaiderta, omh, Rosa Angl. 186.10 . o lennuib omha crude humours, 324.4 .

(c) fig. rude, unrefined; barbarous : delm n-om, SR 5691. dealb omh, IT iii 85.3 . rādh omh, BB 17b10 . cen pecadh n-om, Snedg. u. Mac R 12 § 53 . le céill oimh na hantuigse (= untrained), Measgra D. 33.20 . cosgradh na n-arm n-amh, 6.20 (poem of late 17th cent.). Adv. mairg dogní fingail co hom `cruelly', Metr. Dinds. iv 18.17 .

Compds. (chiefly in fig. sense): ¤gné reading of most MSS. for amgné `hideousness', Metr. Dinds. iii 4.46 . ¤gním cruel deed', ib. 47 . ¤grith `fierce cry', iv 128.63 . ¤rann .i. roinn do dhénamh go homh no go hamh, O'Cl. (`a crude or raw division of meat', P. O'C. ).