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v this is, here is (= Fr. voici, voilà), folld. by a neut. sing. subst. etargoire n-inchoisc hi persaind . . . unnse (.i. in fer) unnsi (.i. in ben) onnar (.i. i[n] nem), Auraic. 649. `issed' iar Macaib Miled . . . `ondor' iar Feraib Bolg, 1495 . ondar dossom in del chlis here is the javelin for him! LU 5146 (= TBC-LL¹ 663 ). undar dait sund comardae here is a proof for thee, 5407 ( TBC-LL¹ 930 ), quoted by O'Cl. with gloss: onnar .i. ata. onnar .i. aisneidhther (aisneidhe v.l.) is declared, O'Dav. 1331. ? sapairt ondar deo ar m'eol, ZCP v 485 § 2 (B. na f.).

See ondat and uinse s.v. uindim. Expld. by O'Brien, Ériu xi 163 , as a sing. pass. from the vb. uindim `I see'; see uindim.