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n g s. i n-ucht n-osnai `into the breast of poetic revision', RC xxvi 26 § 103 , glossed .i. i n-ucht na sona .i. na rríg ┐ na mbriugad, LL 187b47 (a gloss which suggests the meaning favour, patronage or someth. similar, perh. due to two follg. clauses). ucht n-osnae .i. ucht osmenta . . . .i. scrudan scrudas in file a n-airc[h]etal. In baile didiu indit-scruta is dó is nomen ucht n-osnae, Corm. Y 1275 (i.e. the place where the poet revises his work is called `ucht n-o.¤ '). See osmenad.