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Forms: pennid, penance, cenispendid

v ā. occas. with i-st. pennid (peinn-, pinn-), does penance (gen. of penance imposed by the Church); with acc., expiates. pres. peindith dī bliadain deac, Ériu vii 140.2 . inti nad penni do reir anmcharut, Rule of Céli Dé § 37 . pen- nind manaich . . . issi pennes (= he does the penance of a monk), Ériu vii 142.7 . in lin bes hi comchetfaid . . . is malle phendait hi pein iffirn, LB 261a53 = moalle peinnit pein hiffirn, Arch. iii 318 § 64 . impf. no ciedh ┐ na [= no] pendedh a pecad, Lism.L. 2738 . subj. pres. nāro faomae coibsena neich mani pendea, Mon. Tall. § 54 . mani penda, ib. cenispendid though they do no penance, § 23 . mani penne do reir apad, Ériu i 218 z . coro pinne ┐ coro erce in t-olc doronsat `till they do penance and pay eric', Laws v 120.11 Comm. subj. impf. acht ro pennead a n-ilpeacta, v 448.2 (text). fut. ó peinnfes ┐ ó éircfes, H. 3.17 c. 537 ( O'Don. 738 ) = o finnfes ┐ o ércfius, Laws iv 292.12 . condit. in pendit no peinebad the penance which he would have performed, Mon. Tall. 86 . o ro pindfead ┐ o ro eircfead, Laws v 448.14 Comm. perf. ro phend in gilla ┐ doroine aithrige, Lism.L. 1635 . cid a ndoronad and do baís bes niro phendsemmar ind, LL 280a10 . Generally impers. in pass.: coiscther menip dethbirius, pendither iar sin, ZCP xiii 30.6 (peindither v.l.). ni pennither fri nach duine `no penance is imposed in respect of any man', Ériu vii 162.8 . cethardha nā pennither hi tir nErenn which are not liable to penance, Rule of Céli Dé § 38 . In wider sense? is mo pentar adas adgairethar `he is more liable to fine than suit', Laws v 370.23 (text).

See pennait, which is used as vn.