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adj o,ā. (cf. 1 rám and 1 ráma) pertaining to rowing or oars .

(a) of vessels equipped with oars: ag daingniughadh a long eidir ramhach ┐ ruadhclárach both their rowing and their strong-decked vessels , ITS v 68.3 . Esp. in Roth Rámach ( `the Rowing Wheel ', O'Curry), the machine constructed by Simon Magus and Mogh Ruith, for account of which see MS. Mat. 401 fg . ; it seems to have been a primitive flying-machine and the epithet prob. referred to its paddles or wings. Mug Ruith . . . is he luid do foglaim druidechta co Simon ┐ is malle doronsat in roth ramach tic tar Eoraip ria mbráth, ZCP viii 332.13 = doronsat in roith ramaig, LL 331b32 ; cf. Rawl. 157.37 ; roth rāmach, ZCP x 343.19 . in roth ramach ┐ in scuap a Fanait, LB 242b47 ( MS. Mat. 632, App. clii ). Hence with epithet transferred to inventor: Tlac[h]tga ingean Mog Ruith ramhaig, Ériu x 77 § 11 (perh. = Mogh ruith r.¤ ).

(b) of seas and waters and sea-coasts, plied with oars, boat-frequented, marine : Loch Ri ramhach, Ériu x 87 § 99 . d'Ess Rúaid rámach, LL 306b42 ( SG 386.4 ). Ess rónach [rámach v.l.] Rúaidh, Anecd. i 27.5 . bun rámach Raiti, Caithr. Thoirdh. 34.2 (Bun Raite in Co. Clare). im Corcamoroith rámach, ZCP viii 226 § 6 . a righe ramhach `their oar-plied-kingship' (of Corcamruad), Misc. Hag. Hib. 28.19 .