4 ré

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n a syllable ? recomarc . . . .i. re-chomrugad [ré-comracud LB] fri araill no re do c[h]omrug frie n-aill .i. dialt fri dialt, Corm. Y 447.10 s.v. deach; i.e. a `recomarc' or disyllable is the meeting of one syllable with another? cloenré, is airi asberar cloinre, fobith is . . . cloen ma doberthar um ni, uair it troma a tri oldati a dóu, ib. 15 ; i.e. a word of five syllables is called `cloín-ré' because it is unevenly divided (3 + 2 syllables) as in fianamail-echar, the example given? Possibly an extension of 1 ré ` time, space '.