1 rec(c)

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Forms: arec(c)

in adverbial phrase i rrec, later arec(c). The orig. meaning seems to be absolutely, outright , emphasizing an assertion or word. a llán-indarpe hirecc, gl. abiciuntur, Sg. 10b1 (`directly', Thes.; altogether ?). delb tri tuisel foraib nó it tri tuisil hirec (gl. gerundia cum videantur habere casus obliquos) `three cases simply' ; actually (?), 148b8 . sloind gnimo hirec dogni indidit (i.e. the indicative asserts the action absolutely, without qualification?), 153a3 , cf. PCr. 63b2 (hirrec). noco ría nech dib aréc | donaib dib trebaib déc | co crich Cannan absolutely no one . . . will reach the border of C. (?), SR 4729 (leg. a rec . . . deëc). menadach eter da usci, sech ni teit sis a rrec co dommain lestir it does not sink right down to the bottom of the vessel , Mon. Tall. 74 = a reg, Anecd. i 75.19 . focheirdi erchor uait . . . docuirethar obonn anmannae ar a chind ┐ gonta no benta no marbthae a rrec it wounds it or strikes it or kills it outright. Corm. Y 1229 = irrec, Corm. p. 44 s.v. taurthait ( LL 179a42 ).

In follg. exx. possibly at once, directly, forthwith; cf. rec .i. donithear go hobann, O'Cl. (perh. a reminiscence of Corm. quoted above). dindgnai Lagen . . . na dindgnai, na rátha a rrec `the notable places, and next the raths', Metr. Dinds. iii 66.3 . a ndíth ba ro-moch a rrec `their loss was early and sudden' (? altogether premature ), 140.11 . marbsat na [trí] Ruaid a rrec | Conall C[ernach] na cruadglecc, LL 166b45 . cach doerchland, cach merlech | nā marbthar a rrec, 147a47 ( PRIA iii 552 § 40 ). o creidis inniut a recc | medon laithi . . . | hi parthus iar n-oidche uair | is e gilla docuaid lat ( of the penitent thief), ZCP x 47.17 ; perh. just at noon. ? [Fl]and find Fína . . . ar brú [sro]tha Rēin arrecc | fuair a réir mar ro-lán-dét, Ériu viii 70.91 ; ? ro nas ith ┐ blicht . . . ciche bá rogell a regg | sonend ┐ dubdonend (of the sureties promised for the payment of the Boroma), LL 376a4 . ? acht ma scerter for mo thengaid irecc (MSS. arecha) 'unless it is sprinkled directly on my tongue' EIS 52 § 2 .