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n io, m.

(a) a steward, bailiff, administrator : in early Irish heroic lit. generally the major-domo of a king or chief who directed his household and whose duties somet. included collecting food-dues or tributes; also used of deputies or governors appointed by a ruler over a city or province. rechtaire .i. rector a rege , Corm. Y 1078 = .i. rechtorairge, Corm. p. 38 . regerent[ur] .i. rechtire forru, Thes. i 497.20 ( Ardm. 179a1 , of Blastus, chamberlain of Herod, Acts xii 20 ). rectire ind ríg, gl. praepositus regis, Wb. 17d13 (a prima manu). rechtaire, gl. villicus, Sg. 156b1 . ond rechtairiu, gl. villico, PCr. 65a3 . rechtaire teglaig Conaire . . . fer conic suide ┐ lige ┐ bíad do chách, BDD 86 ( LU 7184 ). coica rectaire randa lasin flaith, LL 28b38 , cf. rechtairi ┐ banrechtairi ic roind ┐ ic dáil dóib (of household of Tara), Ériu iv 124 § 2 . is é ropo primrechtaire fer ṅHerend, LL 165b28 (of Lindgadan, called `rannaire Osraige', Metr. Dinds. iv 218.7 ) = is hé ba rondaire ┐ ba sluagh-rechtaire fer nErenn, Dinds. 119 ( RC xvi 71.28 ). luid rechtaire ríg Bretan do chuinchid chísa grotha (= procurator regis), Lat. Lives 49.7 . Margg . . . rechtaire ríg Fomóre . . . dolluid dochum ṅHerend do thobuch a chísa, LL 160a14 . maoir no rechtuire in rí, Laws ii 94.4 Comm. ro ráidh D. fri a rechtairiu ┐ fri hoes tobaig a chana, MR 16.3 ( FDG 110 ). do ordaich . . . maeru ┐ reachtairedu in cach tir ┐ in cach thuaith (of a Danish conqueror), Cog. 48.12 . batar rechtairea rig Roman . . . for indsip fuinid, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 12 § 1 = reachtuireadha righ an domuin, 14 § 2 (appar. procurators appointed by the Roman emperor). Of officials employed to collect certain imposts or fines: rechtaire Cāna Adomnān, Cáin Ad. § 48 . do rechtairib na cána (i.e. the Cáin Domnaig), Ériu ii 208 § 29 .

In monasteries the prior (dispensator, economus) was somet. called in Irish rechtaire: rechtaire na mBocht, AFM ii 904.4 (i.e. of the Community of Maol Ciaráin Mac Con na mBocht; the translator of the Annals of Clonmacnois a. 1069 alludes to the same person as `the steward of that family').

(b) a judge? reachtaire .i. rí no breitheamh, O'Cl. (perh. an inference from particular exx.).

(c) in late lang. somet. a herd or dairy-farmer : tug x mba fithchead ┐ tarbh ┐ dís rachtaireada ┐ dís bhainrachtaireadha leis, ITS xvi 116 z . Cf. reachtaire `a dairy-man . . . a small farmer who rents a number of milch-cows ', Dinneen ; and: rechtaire .i. rechtorairge, Corm. p. 38 (= rector airge if not a mistake for r.¤ a rege , Corm. Y 1078 ?).