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n [io, m.] (treated as neut. ACL iii 297 § 50 below).

A kind of poetical composition of which there was more than one species; perh. orig. a rhapsody or extempore poem: recne .i. reccad ní .i. ní dorónadh go luath no go hobann, O'Cl. (i.e. an extempore ?). ? ni bá fortacht can recni | ni bá recni can decni, LU 10354 = reicne, ZCP iii 255 § 79 (Toch. Em.), from a rhapsodical chant by Scáthach warning Cú Chulaind of the dangers in store for him. ro indill in gae bulga ┐ ro fuaccar do Coin Culainn a ḟrithoileamh, uair ni tabhartha gan recne rabaid roimi, conadh aire atbert Laogh `Fomhna fomhna' etc., TBC-LL¹ 3925 St.; cf. parallel in ITS xxiv 82.24 : fa geis don Gha Bulga roighne robhaidh do thabhairt roimhe. (Hence O'R. reicne `warning'.) cachain cenn Fothaid in reicne . . . `A ben nachamagille' ┐ rl., Fianaig. 8.6 ; the `reicne Fothaid Canainne' is given Fianaig. pp. 10 - 16 . as reicne nguin | gaifi forgnuis cáich gusmbrogad (of a satire), ACL iii 297 § 50 . atai co rind recni chaiss (leg. chass), ZCP xi 110 § 34 ( LL 52a53 , distich incomplete); `du beherrschst den bunten Reim des "recne"' Meyer, 113 n. 5 . reicne roscadach (part of the curriculum for a `fili' of the eighth year), IT iii 49 § 91 ; for an ex. see 50 § 93 , a dithyramb. reicne dechubaid, ut est: Colum caid cumachtach, 56 § 106 (for the poem cited, in eight-lined stanzas, see LU 1168 fg .; see also Meyer Prim. § 37.71 and RC xx 146 where other exx. are quoted). Acc. to the LB Amra Colum C., Dallán composed the Amra in that metre: is i forsa-ndernaid .i. recni dechubaid, LB 238(d)b51 , but except for alliteration the ACC does not correspond to the exx. above mentioned.