1 andóit

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Forms: a.

n f. (Low Lat. antitās through We., see Vendr. Lex. but see Ériu xxxiv 61 n. 118 ) mother-church, pre-eminent church , church having a special connection with a patron saint and from which others have been founded (?) (distinguished from eclas and e. bunaid): annóid (andoit v.l.) eagluis in gach tan, Metr. Gl. 15 § 32 . ceim .i. conair, ut est ceim sech na dichestar dilsi sech andoit n-eclaise .i. is conair na dichestar do dilsiugud ar in ferann sech an eclais is andoit, O'Dav. 549 . annóid .i. eaglas, O'Cl. in tan tiagar . . . on eagluis bunuidh ┐ atbaill in sin oc annoit ┐ faguibh comarba, Laws iii 64.z Comm. `that is, the church in which the patron saint was educated, or in which his relics were kept, glossed: eclais do et in aile as cenn ┐ is tuiside', 65 n.3 . muna tainic damna apaidh dfine erluma . . . annoit do gabail, 74.2 Comm. `the `a.¤'-church shall assume it, i.e. the mother of this church i.e. the church in which its patron saint had been educated', note 1. dia raibh a seanathuir i nannoit ┐ a athuir in atharach annoite, 66.12 Comm. adbonnar do flaith, do eclais, do forflaith ┐ do annoit, 298.7 Comm. fo reir abbad .i. annoite, 14.27 Comm. aircinnech no ap annóiti, O'D. 1690 (H 5.15, 30b). annoit .i. a mbi taisi in erloma, O'Curry 1046 (H 3.18, 436a). annoit itir annoitaib, O'Curry 1899 (RIA 23 P 3, f.23). ni dlegar dechmada . . . na trian annoiti i.e. a principal church is not entitled to tithes . . . or to one third of the dues of an a.¤ church (unless it fulfils its duties), Lism. L. 4531 (= Reeves Culdees 93 ). comadh and no beth a andoit, BB 266b35 . a chealla ┐ a annóide úaisle ┐ a thermainn toghaide (of Maedóc of Ferns), BNnÉ 264 § 225 . ata annoid ┐ cros annsan ionadh sin, 26 § 16. d'euglasaibh ┐ d'annōidibh, Eachtra Uill. 4896 . ?rotóccbad a fola cum n-andóiti (B. na f.), ACL iii 311.10 .

? In extended sense of church lands or tenants of same: cach fine, cach manche, cach andoit iar nurdliged, Laws iii 36.1 . a.¤ .i. fine erlama, 10 Comm. sléchtid I. du Pátricc for a manchi ┐ a andoóit, Thes. ii 241.3 (Ardm.) = Trip. 344.2 . i ngach annóitt ┐ i ngach aittreibh diar fhoghain (Maedóc Ferna), BNnÉ 273 § 248 .

Cf. andóin, antait, nóit.