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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: andod, annad

vn. of andaid ( Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 457 ). Also spelt andod, annad.

(a) act of lighting: fri annad caindle, SR 4535 . fri hannud sutrall solus, Metr. Dinds. i 32.55 . ? la hannud cach[a] ree, Ériu v 212.110 .

(b) Fig. act of inspiring, kindling: do a.¤ a menman són `to kindle their minds', Ml. 131d14 . Aed oll fri a.¤ nane `at kindling of brilliance', Thes. ii 295 § 1 . cudu a.¤ indbais huaigh where is the grave of the inspirer of wealth(?) (of a dead abbot), AU i 442.16 = caitte annadh inn mais uaigh `where is the waiting place', AFM ii 602.20 . im a.¤ ┐ im elscud déaircci, Trip.² 647 = im andadh . . . deserce, Anecd. ii 19.13 . annadh fēile ropad ūathib, ACL iii 298 § 65 .

(c) o andod co diles `from beginning to end', Laws iii 318.11 Comm. = o annudh co diludh, i 294.9 Comm. a annag co digleod . . . o annog co digleod, O'D. 1693 (H 5.15, 31a).

(d) farrowing, giving birth: na muca andaigthe .i. na muca in tan bit ag annad ag breth orc 'farrowing sows, i.e. sows when they are farrowing, bearing piglets', O'Curry 343 (H 3.18, 190b), EIF 532 .

Cf. adannad.