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Last Revised: 2013


v is contained, finds a place (Thurn., KZ lxiii 114ff. ): rogenn cach mait[h] for menmain lethain hísel (rogeinn v.l.), every good finds a place in a broad and humble mind , ZCP iii 454.5 . ní rogainn la hanfírindi it has no place together with injustice , 451.8 . co nā rogainn nach ae ann, 452.7 . rogennadh glasaibh slabhradhoibh 'it was contained by means of locks and chains (?)' Ériu xiii 35.3 , Language xxv 134 . ro gennad glais ┐ slabraidh air, O'Dav. § 1064 . Cf. W. genni.