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adv. (= ro+mos `soon'?) early, too soon ; poet., used as pred. with cop. rom .i. moch nó luath, ACL iii 24.17 (gl. on Trip. 150.15 ). mithig dam-sa dul for cel | scarad frim etal bes [omit] ni rom, LU 3048 ( SG 235.41 ). iar sin tánic cretem glan | for Mag Fáil, bés nirbo rom, Metr. Dinds. ii 14.70 . cía ro crínad nírbo rom `though it is withered now, it had not an early end', iv 242 (of Bile Tortan). cia dom-īssed nīpo rom it were not too soon for him to come to [succour] me , TBC-I¹ 1728 . sét ná bo rom a way never too early taken , LU 1201 = nad bī r.¤ , ZCP viii 287.18 . mad do chomruc . . . is rom sōn dait-si cose beos (= thou art yet too young for that), TBC-I¹ 600 . la Coin Culaind la Lugaid | risna-rom úath na hómon, LL 125b3 ( Ériu v 210.45 , tr. `with whom there was not soon fear nor terror'; whom it were well to fear betimes (?), i.e. before provoking a quarrel). ba rom ron-traethad I (lit. we) was cut off before my time , LL 122b46 (Siaburchobra Con Ch.). moruar ba rom a bhoeghal, AFM i 544 z . tonn báis ba romh rod-báidhe, i 472.11 .