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n (faitches) carelessness, inadvertence, lack of caution: anfót .i. anfaitchius, Fél.² cxiv § 30 (3) . anfot .i. . . . in tanfoitcius, Laws ii 2.17 Comm. is ed agurthar fuirre [i]nt anfoit lethfiach ┐ indethbir torbai ┐ anfaitces leth[fia]ch, Cóic Con. 18 § 10 (a.¤ may originally have merely been a gloss on anfoit, p. 71). ar imbed na n-anfaithches `for the multitude of the negligences', RC xx 54.14 (ACC). di fuachtain nó do anfaitchius `of injury or incaution', 278.1 (ib.). Ceall-dara do loscadh tria a.¤ drochmna, AU i 564.3 . i nguasachtaib tria anfhaitchius `though carelessness', PH 4859 . In more general sense: nachustarla anfaitchess `may calamity never come upon them', BColm. 50.21 .

In Laws frequ. in contexts referring to persons not responsible for their actions (insane persons, minors, etc.): fal anfaitceis, v 508.19 .i. in ime doni in ti ac na bi faitechus ceille co comlan, 21 Comm. ni abbail iriu anfuidces (.i. mac bec) . . . cia do beth anfaitces ceille fair, O'Curry 430 (H 3.18, 233b); 1745 ( 23 Q 6, 32 ). anfaidces .i. ceille in duine mir, no mac bac (sic), 433 ( ib. 234b ). atait a tri fors na laigh aititiu . . . .i. baes (.i. in mic bic) ┐ anfis (.i. in codnaig) ┐ a.¤ .i. fer echtar fine, 440 (ib. 237a ); cf. trí fors ná tuit aititiu 'na ré: bás, anfis, a.¤ , Triads 162 . ni tuit aititiu for . . . anfis na hanfaitcheas .i. ceille in duine mir no in ti oca mbi anfaitceas ceille, in fear leathcuinn, O'Curry 1902 ( 23 P 3, 23 (21)b ). is [s]aor cia ro astaithe cor socuinn cen a.¤ .i. in cunnradh doní in degh codnach cen a.¤ ceille air, 2398 ( Eg. 88, 31(32)b ). is ogh slán don ecmacht ainfis anfaitcis acht luighi nama, 2642 ( Eg. 88, f. 55ab ). anfaitces .i. ni caomnagair gin a marbadh .i. in fer ro marb tathair no do brathair ┐ is borblachus gin uiriasacht, no is anbothachus ceilli fodera dosam sin, 2646 (ib.). egmacht, ainfis, ainfaitces ni forbrad dire tar faoth forais, Laws iv 228.12 .