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Forms: anḟlaithes

n (flaithius). Later anḟlaithes. lack of legal standing of a `flaith'(?): techta cana caich la derbfine acht aimser imfuigill im a.¤ n-aige fine; is i suide berair cuit forbaig ar a.¤ n-aige fine, Ir. Recht 34 § 36 `wegen der Un-Herrschaft des Sippenvorstehers'. In more general sense misgovernment, tyranny: mad h-e in ri . . . dogne an t-andliged no an tanflaithus, YBL 167b13 . is for a.¤ . . . na rig dogníter na tire . . . condat ambrite, PH 4231 . lochta . . . an anfhlaithis, TSh. 5347 . iad féin d'fhóirithin ó anfhlaitheas `tyranny', Keat. iii 2779 .