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n (focal) misrepresentation: anfoccal conindle anfiad- naise fuidreg `misrepresentation which brings about absence of evidence is a plundering (of the wounded ?)', BCrólige 65 and n. fiach anfocuil fine for misrepresentation (regarding a stolen article), Laws v 218 n.l . an fuil eneclann isin a.¤ ? ata isin a.¤ galair, O'C. 640 (H 3.18, 308) `i.e. certifying an animal to be sound when it is really diseased', Plummer MS notes. diablad ┐ eneclann isin a.¤ cuir no cunnartha, 1620 ( RIA 23 Q 6, 7a ). a.¤ gaite i.e. giving a false warranty in the sale of a stolen article, 261 (H 3.18, 151a). anfocul seoit gaite, O'Don. 1623 (H 5.15, 15b). eric anfocail reis in fer res ro reic, O'C. 1747 ( RIA 23 Q 6, 33 ). ní fuil a riagail re diubairt fesa no anfesa . . . acht a riagail re hanfocul i.e. the rule does not apply where deception is due to ignor- ance, but only when there is deliberate misrepresentation(?), O'D. 1690 (H 5.15, 30). aithgin bidh innruic . . . d'ic friu ina anbfocul orrudh (i.e. if bad food has been intentionally given to a party which is being entertained), Laws ii 34.2 Comm. lesainm no anfocul na bi fuirri false imputation, Laws i 148.7 Comm. As vn. gidhedh badh ail eraicc anfoccail uaithe ann nugu nuil uair nucu raibhi fein oc anfocul she did not herself practice the deception, O'D. 2370 ( Rawl. B 506, 44b_c) . ma rob in trebuire ag a.¤ na sét (sic leg.) éiric anfocail d'ic do re fer meodhongaite . . . maine roib in trebuire ag a.¤ na sét . . ., 859 - 860 ( H 3.17, 613 ).

Cf. annḟocal.