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adj (anfolad): na bi a.¤ nechtar da lina i.e. when neither `flaith' nor `céile' is guilty of misconduct in his (reciprocal) relations, ZCP xiv 385 § 50 ( Laws ii 318 ). mad a.¤ in cele frisin flaith i.e. if the `céile' has failed in his obligations towards the `flaith', 387 § 53 (ib. 324 ). nocha cumaing duine imscaradh re righ . . . munab a.¤ é, O'D. 567 (H 3.17, 441). ar idt anfoltaig andso uile all these things are improper(?) (after list of transactions in which a part of the total is paid over to the `flaith'), Laws v 434.3 . Later in more general sense: do róig tarrachtain sin treib / do'n bróin anfaltaig éigneig `malicious horde' (of snakes attacking a pelican's nest), O'Gr. Cat. 461.10 .