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n co ruige rocor no a.¤ `great poverty ', Laws ii 354.7 Comm. , cf. 378.23 Comm. , 384.25 Comm. doberad [in ben] . . . a crodh comathinchuir go rigi rochor no angbochta, O'Curry 1034 (H 3.18, 434a). Prob. etymol. explanation in: angbach (leg. angbocht, ed.) .i. in[n]í dobeir in ingin a mbochta .i. in t-aon ndamh nó in t-aon capall, nó in[n]í ima tidnaicther in ingen bochtae, ut est co ruice uais nó a.¤ .i. is e in t-uais ní na raibe aice fein ┐ doigh co fuigbed ó nach aile. Is é in t-a.¤ ní na raibe aice fein ┐ cinnti leis na fuighbed o nech aile `a.¤ i.e. that which brings the daughter into poverty i.e. the one ox or the one horse or that for which the poor girl is handed over (that with which the poor girl is endowed?)', O'Dav. 112 (cf. Stud. in E. Ir. Law p. 44 ).