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indeclinable anaphoric neut. enclitic pron. See GOI § 477 , § 479 , Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii § 514 .

(a) Emphasizing infixed pronn.: is gním abstil ǽm immid-forling s.¤ `truly it is an apostle's work that has caused that', Wb. 10c20 . sech co-t-aneccar-sa s.¤ `though I had power to do that', 14c40 . at fechem dom et dalugub s.¤ `thou art a debtor to me, and I will forgive it', 32a21 . ar inni is cetharda fodera son `because four things cause this', Laws i 262.13 . cid fotera s.¤ , TBC-LL¹ 158 .

(b) Emphasizing the pronominal element in verbal forms: mani teccmai Lughnasad . . . ma tecmais son, dosli lan log enech, Laws v 406.8 . ailed (= ailet) son cethramthain a toraid co cend mbliadna, iv 188.9 . manit coiscea son `if this do not check thee', Mon. Tall. 37 (142.11) . cinnas do-géntar s.¤? MU² 1036 . adde is fir ci atberthar son, LU 1600 . canair son ce beith tuaslucud forsind figild `it is sung though there be a relaxation as to the vigil itself', Mon. Tall. 30 (139.4) . ainm Póil, búan a togu | attá s.¤ (som, san, v.ll.) for tuiliu, Fél. Prol. 124 . ním thá s.¤ , TBFr. 362 . bes beith fochetóir s.¤ lasan praind `perhaps it may happen immediately with meals', Mon. Tall. 63 (152.3) . batar son tra fri rē secht lā amlaid sin, ACL iii 225.1 . Referring to a fem. subj.: a fius sin immurgu ba maith s.¤ act ní bed uall and atá s.¤ and tra et ní béo de `that knowledge, however, were good, provided there were no pride therein, that, now, is therein and it (knowledge) is not alive there-from', Wb. 10b27 . airitiu lóge ar mo precept ar bói s.¤ in potestate mea ma dagnenn, 10d31 .

(c) with copula:

(i) is fir s.¤ , Wb. 17c22 . is ferr s.¤ lessom, 6b10 . ní dígu anme s.¤ ǽm `that, truly is not an unchoice name', 4d3 . is derb son, Sg. 30a15 . ar is gnáthiu s.¤ `for this is more usual', 179a5 . ni bid maith la Dia son, Laws i 8.2 . ni coir son, Mon. Tall. 64 (153.2) . ni pa fir son, MR 48.24 . With the copula unexpressed: dethbir s.¤ , ZCP viii 175.17 . fír s.¤ a senlaích, BDD² 1537 . inund s.¤ ┐ daic dím, CRR 44 . banscál són is móraldom robui i nhÉre, ZCP viii 310.1 . dolduid bannan bec . . . as . . . banna bec son de usci `it was a little drop of water', Mon. Tall. 61 (150.36) . mbruigricht . . . racht mbroga son ar na horr neach brog a comícaid, Laws iv 124.9 .

(ii) it é son Leuiti olchene, Wb. 10d17 . ité s.¤ aptota lessem `these are aptota according to him', Sg. 77b6 . issed s.¤ with follg. rel. clause: issed s.¤ desimrechtaigedarsom, Sg. 11b4 . issed s.¤ as maith leosom, 71a16 .

(iii) ar issí ind fírthrebaire s.¤ `for that is the true prudence', Wb. 5d29 . issí run s.¤ inna fiugrae rongab in faith `that is the mystery of the figure that the prophet uttered', Ml. 38c7 . is hé in gním son, Tur. 104 . issed a cognomen s.¤ , `this is the cognomen', Sg. 28a6 , ba hé milliud s.¤ do-bertadar, BDD² 1420 .

(iv) cid ar in rechtai son? `why are they rulers?' Laws i 230.6 . cia úanni s.¤?, MU² 904 . ced s.¤, cia tussu, for Conchobar, TBC-LL¹ 927 .

(d) With the meaning that is to say, namely: ól ísu s.¤ `i.e. saith Jesus', Wb. 6c30 . do precept s.¤ dano `i.e. to teach also', 18d2 . cumscugud immurgu iustorum a bás i mbethith s.¤ adindrímisom, 13d17 . sechis na scripturi mora s.¤ nítat lora sidi leu `i.e. the great scriptures', Ml. 3a6 . inní immeforlaing guasacht dia íc s.¤ ┐ dia bethaid `i.e. into what caused danger to his salvation and to his life', 38c10 . noch is méit fornúaislichter s.¤ , Sg. 5a1 . arberat pronomen asa n-artocol son am `i.e. they make a pronoun out of their article indeed', 198b7 . acht in eitge i ffod fodhal son `except the unlawfulness which is in full trespass', Laws i 262.3 . See also ón and 1 suide.