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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: aptha

n (? ad + buith, see Greene, Celtica ii 339 ). Also aptha. act of harbouring an escaped criminal or allowing him to remain on one's land: mesir leptha ar leth, mesir aptha ar trian, Ériu xiii 41.31 `It seems that leptha and aptha denote degrees of responsibility for sheltering or otherwise aiding and abetting a tribeless man who has committed some offence, and that leptha denotes the graver and aptha the lighter responsibility', 230 ; cf. Comm. in Laws ii 178.z (on the words of the text o leaptha no aptha): cret is lepuid ar leith no is aptha ar trian do na deor[ad]uib ┐ do na murchuirthi[b], uair nocha nfuil fine aca budein? Isedh am is aptha ar trian doib, fine i nurruidh ar ataitt griun. Issedh is leptha ar leith imurro cach fine otha sin amach. mac huar . . . co n-oponar a lepaith ┐ a apuith, ZCP xiii 23.13 = O'Curry 57 (H 3.18, 20b), i.e. a son in respect of whom his father has given notice that he is not to be sheltered, Plummer MS notes (`so dass untersagt wird, ihm Lager oder Wohnung zu gewähren', Bürgschaft 11 ). ma ainfine robe ina gnais is lepa ┐ ma fine is apa; ar is apa la fine ┐ leba la hainfine. meiser lebtha ar leth, meiser aptha ar trian, O'Curry 2548 ( Eg. 88, 46(47)a ). cisne lesa dona ibh sen tascnat treise? . . . focra naptha, Laws i 230.z . .i. smacht biata do mic bithbinigh tar apadh, 234.2 Comm. Cf. O'Curry 808 ( H 3.18, 373b ): cumal focrai naptha .i. foccrai leptha la apuid. cisne tri biada na tuillead leaptha na hapta cidbe ro caithe? i.e. three kinds of refection which do not incur the fines for these two kinds of harbouring, Laws v 438.14 . apa sceo leaba faonan comlaithe coir these two kinds of harbouring are liable to similar adjustments(?), O'Curry 2531 ( Eg. 88 , 44(45)b ), where Plummer MS notes suggests reading comlaithre and translates `apa' and `leba' alike constitute conspiracy. direnar .i. nach duine direnar cin biid accradh inna apuidh no a lepaidh, 483 (H 3.18, 251). See also bánapaid, dergapaid.