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Forms: na(i)cc, tacco

asseverative particle indeed, I warrant . Perh. vb. in 1 sg., Zeuss 434a , but according to Pedersen Vgl. Gr. (ii 261 ) belongs to the n-less forms of the negation na(i)cc (<to+accu). In glosses used both in positive and negative statements : tacco, issíi gl. nonne uos ante Dominum ... estis in adventu ? Wb. 25a3 . t.¤, ni adilgnigmar gl. numquid egemus ? 15a2 . t.¤ ni mé as béo gl. uiuo autem, iam non ego, 19a18 . `im Gegenteil,' Thurn. Hdb. 492 . `I declare, affirm,' Thes. cech rí nad choisc a maccu | issed arbi de t.¤ , LL 149a45 . occo maro thoit in torcc | t.¤ nír luitt a longphort `I warrant,' Ériu iv 100.4 . nīdat fiú turcbāil, t.¤ ` I declare ,' Otia i 123 § 9. is bes do mac Dē, tacu | ní sraiglend a lesmacu, ZCP vii 297.7 .