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n o vn. of do-aisicc. restoring, restitution : diablud taisic `double restitution,' Laws ii 64.27 . fo bith banadba taisic `because female possession reverts,' iv 16.x . secht n-aithne ... na dlegat a taisic, v 190.14 . Cf. Triads 157 . tasec tindscrai iar feiss la fer, ZCP. xv 356.5 . is aiti aracīallathar tassic an opund, Corm. Y 1232 . cach assec cona thasséc is techta, TBC-LL¹ 1930 , cf. bá haisec cen taisec (of the uselessness of trying to instruct a person), MacCongl. 73.24 . do chuinnchid tais[i]c Eilina, BB 426a24 . doradudh Heithiurún idhal na Breatan fria t.¤ go mba béo nó marb `as security for her return alive or dead,' RC xv 277.24 . ? ar cia dobera in ri gell fri taisic catha, Laws v 186 n. 7 , ? leg. tairec (Plummer MS. notes). Difference in meaning from aisec (q.v.) not clear.