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n u, m. vn. of do-aissilbi.

(a) assigning, ascribing : in salmsa do thaisilbiud dosom `to ascribe this psalm to him,' Ml. 14a4 . in nuaisletaid ... do thaisilbiud dond fiur adrodar idlu, 14b4 . aitt (i.e. hell) i mbia doib bás ... cen bethaid do thaisselbad doridisi i colaind doenda possess (?), PH 4320 . In Laws perh. stating to be the property (of another) (Thurneysen, ZCP xv 269 ) : athgabail cacha neime cein troscad cein t.¤ , Laws v 254.8 , cf. 256.29 . t.¤ n-ecnairce ascribing to one who is absent (?), 328.24 Comm. in taisealb necnairc, H 3.18, 259 ( O'Curry 513 ). scor cen taisilbad, ib. cach tōiseach co taisealbad, ZCP xvii 51 § 25.

(b) showing, exhibiting, setting forth (cf. taisbénad) : taisealbhadh .i. taisbhénadh, O'Cl. tánic do thaselbad a chrotha, LU 6539 . ba cenn mnaa ... noberthe i tasilbhath `as a trophy,' Cáin Ad. § 3 . a nguin cuirp in clérig co t.¤ with exhibiting (? as trophy, Plummer MS. notes), H 5.15, 13b ( O'D. 1614 ). taiselbadh dlighthi, Eg. 88, 18d ( O'Curry 2254 ). is tuisechu ... in t-ecna do bith i n-anmain andas a thasselbad, LL 187c53 . t.¤ na hairce, LB 124a32 . céd cenn do thoisechaibh Gall do thaisealbhadh, AFM i 502.16 . teora bliadhna an taisealba[i]dh `the three years of setting them forth,' (i.e. the languages of the world), Leb. Gab.(i) 192.25 . ic t.¤ a uilc `showing against him,' MR 298.6 .

(c) Of feasts, food, etc. preparing, setting on : torc taiselbtha fit to be exhibited (at a feast), LU 6430 . oc taisselbad lenda, MacCongl. 113.7 . taisealbadh bíd, SG 81.16 . Cf. taisbénad II (b).