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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: airchót, erchoissi

v ( air-com-fed-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 515 ) prevents, hinders. Indic. pres. 3 s. nícon fil ní arachoat a n-argat nglan acht á techt i n-aicdi (gl. sed ita ut egresa est in opus effectumque ducetur) as there is nothing which hinders pure silver from passing into structure, Ml. 31d10 . Indic. impf. 3 s. arachoided gl. inpedientis, Ml. 83d2 . Subj. pres. 3 s. co arcói gl. ad nocendum, Ml. 46d11 . Subj. impf. pass. pl. ar na hercoi[s]tis dig `that they might not be injured by a drink', Blathm. 343 . Pret. pass. sg. ol nad n-airchós gl. nec . . . impeditum est, Ml. 97d1 . With refl. inf. pron. refrains from, delays (an action). Subj. impf. 3 s. arnach naurchoissed som friníi duronad nach aile `so that he might not be hindered at (i.e. by doing) anything which any other could do', Wb. 8a4 . Fut. 3 s. rofetar níimirchói nach géin libsi I know that I shall not be delayed with you any time, Wb. 7a11 . nim erchoisse guin na erri ucut killing...shall not delay me, LU 5964 ( TBC-I¹ 1497 ) = niba hedh fhuireoc[h]as sib guin na heliti, TBC St. 1863 .

Vn. airchót.

Part. n pl. erchoissi, Ml. 73c9 .