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Last Revised: 2013

v (dingid or later variant of for-ding Echtrae Chonnlai 180 ) crushes, compresses: arsilsither lāich, diroirpiter coin, ardidsiter eich horses will be crushed, TBC-I¹ 3089 . consāid in rī rūad oirb / ardingg (perh. for arusding, ed.) doibsius the strong king fought for the inheritance, he crushes them . . ., Ält. Ir. Dicht. i 18 § 18 . ? arding a fir mescetlaich .i. bis a cumas a chetuil, O'Dav. 1226 , cf. ar dhiden a ḟir meischedluigh mhuintire for droichbhesaibh, Ériu xiii 18.6 . In Auraic. in phr. airnin a.¤ deḟid lit. n which compresses two letters (the examples are mostly of monosyllables in -nn (-nd) with `middle' quantity of prec. vowel, and the reference is to the change of -nd to -nn. See further s. airnin and 2 forbaid. The reason for the inclusion of leacc in the following ex. is not clear): ernin arding dead amal rogab leacc ┐ ceand ┐ rl., Auraic. 1357 ; 1546 .