tinchor, tincor

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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: teancur

n o, m. vn. formation from *to-ind-cor (cf. also tecar.) teancur, IGT Decl. § 11.

(a) act of contributing; marriage contribution (see Stud. in E. Ir. Law, 18 , 82 f. , 126 f. ): cathim lānamna cen leith tincor ohne Einbringen der Hälfte, ZCP xv 321.2 . lanamnas comtincuir .i. lanamain is cutruma aca tecartar tir ┐ indile, Laws ii 358.7 Comm. fer-t.¤ husband's preponderant contribution: lanamnus mna for ferthinucur, 380.23 . .i. ben bis a ndliged lanamnais for in tincur fearda, 26 Comm. ban-t.¤ wife's preponderant contribution: lanamnas fir for bantidnacur, 390.31 .i. in fer bis i ndligedh lanamnais for in tincur mbanda, 392.3 Comm. Hence: for ban-t.¤ supported by a woman, under woman's control: do bithsiu ar bantincur mnaa, TBC-LL¹ 9 ; 'you were a woman subsistent upon the property which you would bring to a marriage' Ulidia ii 53 . ni chuala chuiced i n-hErinn ar bantinchur acht in cuiced-sa a oenur, TBC-LL¹ 53 ; 'I heard of no other province in Ireland which was included in a woman’s marriage portion' Ulidia ii 53 . nírbo miad leis beith for bantinchur, TBC-LL² 73 ; 'counted as a woman’s property' Ulidia ii 52 .

(b) household goods (cf. ZCP xvi 217 ): tincur a treibi do luag, Laws v 284.29 . tinol ┐ tincur, H 3.17, 658b ( O'D. 930 ). tinchur coir itir erna ocus lestra, Críth G. 140 . focress a phupall for Ailill ┐ sudigthe a thincur eter choilcthe ┐ brothracha, TBC-I¹ 156 . tincur tigi caich .i. do brecanaib ocus do cerchaillib, Laws i 126.y Comm. feis cach tinacuir bed?, v 486.19 . da sét i nuall nard iar tinchur .i. in guth nárd iar tincur neich fo taob after lying down to rest?, H 3.17, 423 ( O'D. 521 ).

(c) act of supplying; equipment, supply: im cach tincur ba hadlaic do, TBFlidais 94 . ┐ a tincor do lind ┐ do biud, LU 8071 (FB). tinōled tinchur fleidhi mōire lais, BColm. 40.16 . an dalta sin do thionchar do bhiadh ┐ d'edach, 24 P 21, 32.16 = frestal, BNnÉ 202 § 43 . ré hordughadh gacha tionnchuire eile bud cuibhe chum fearta fleadha, CRR² § 18 v.l. ┐ do cuireadh trí tionnchaire loinge innti `a ship's three requisites,' ITS i 56.9 . Cf. dligid tencair coitcenn | d'ollamain in dāna, ZCP xii 296.1 .

(d) act of attending, caring for: tioncar .i. friotháileamh, O'Cl. in tan tic rí día t[h]incur, TBC-I¹ 1963 . cen tincur o dhune, IT iii 195 § 36 . im tincur roe, Laws i 150.12 . ní roacht o Gull tascud nó tincur dind fot forsa mbai attendance, giving of battle (?), RC xiv 408.x . re tinchur tachuir `before delivering an attack,' TTebe 1465 . ro leic a trilis ... ri tincur greine to the care of the sun, 3742 . tinchur tochmairc `concourse for wooing,' 659 . do-rinne sé an tír do theancur | do-chím é a tteampal na thosd, IGT Decl. ex. 486.

? ben for a fuirme a celi tinchur naire co mbi namat fuirre `circulation of a satire,' Laws v 292.20 .

(e) position, grade, rank (?) : mainech a tincur o ollum go hoblaire 'valuable is where he is placed [amongst those] from the ollam to the oblaire ' UR 29.13 . máineach a thinchor, O'Dav. § 1533 . iarna tormuim tincur o maccleirec go hespuc 'according to their progress and position from clerical student to bishop' CIH vi 2213.1 , UR 31 .