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Forms: aurgnai-, airgni-, airgnaid, airḟognaid, airḟognamaid, aurgnam

v (* air-fo-gní-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 543 ). Prot. stem aurgnai-, airgni-, etc. Later also as simple vb. airgnaid, airḟognaid, airḟognamaid.

(a) is serviceable to, ministers to, serves (folld. by direct obj. or by prep.DO): ar-fogni teach do muigh a house serves the land(?), Laws ii 404.7 Comm. = a.¤ techt do muig, 350.14 Comm. dia facba duine arafogna dia eiss `if he leaves any person behind him who was in want of his service', Laws v 318.18 . treb ocna bí usce arda-fogna `a stead which has no water to serve it', Ériu xvii 70 § 12 ( Laws iv 214 ). cach manach arda fogna mamaib gaire, O'D. 1018 (H 2.15, 18b) `ministers to, is subject to the duties', Plummer MS notes. na huili dano arufognot det muntir-si atat les ule all the arts which help thy people, RC xii 78 § 68 . im ocht mbullu ara fognat muillond, Laws i 124.17 . atait secht ngabala ara-fognad brethemnacht an betha `seven branches (of law) which serve the judicature of the world' (i.e. a person practised in them is competent to be a judge), Laws v 364.1 . segar slicht othrusa urgnaiter let it be sought out . . . let it be provided(?), iii 470.17 . techta fine noige . . . .i. tire aurfognumes ┐ nip fuillem . . . mad orpu assaid .i. mad ḟocraicc no fuillem a thiri ┐ ni fes arfognaither, O'Curry 834 (H 3.18, 381b). arfogēna cach lín a muntire, RC xxvi 44 § 229 `everyone will be in slavery with all his people', Plummer MS notes. friscommart dam talam dia n-airgenus the land which I served has injured me, ZCP xii 365.20 .

(b) prepares food, a meal: scurit and ┐ arfognat doib, LU 4661 ( TBC-I¹ 199 ). issed arfurad ┐ arfognad C. iascach ┐ enach, TBC-LL¹ 1954 . aurgnaid biad donaib ócaib prepare food for the warriors, TBFr. 93 = urgnaiger, p. 17 . érgnad cách úaib a bíad let each of you prepare his food, LU 4819 (TBC). ní mád airgénus fleid would that I had not prepared a feast, 5021 (ib.) ní airgénsat bíada dóib, 4780 (ib.) in cauradmír . . . amal ro aurgnad as it has been prepared, 8188 ( FB 13 ). ro urgnastar fleid do C., TBC-LL¹ 959 . airgníad a muintera biadh dóibh, BB 259b32 .

Note also: duba ind ḟuilse ol in liaig. dochōtar triat chridi . . . Nī argenus annīcc I cannot undertake to heal them, TBC-I¹ 2812 .

Vn. aurgnam.

Cf. for-gní.