1 tredan

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n o, m. (Lat. triduana) (three days') fast: treadhan .i. trosgadh, O'Cl. Scíre cain car t.¤ (: credal) `fair Scire who loved fasting for three days,' Fél. Mar. 24 . is arrae trí t.¤ (: chredal) ` 'tis a commutation of three triduans,' Ep. 186 . Potamia tend tredain (: mebail), Gorm. Dec. 5 . tánic dar t.¤ tuiscthe `came, in spite of fasting from food,' Metr. Dinds. iii 162.3 . t.¤ trī laa co n-aidchi for in gCuimdid, ACL iii 3.29 . ro aínius mo th.¤ , LU 1322 . o ra-forbad din in t.¤ cus-in aine `when the three days fast was over,' PH 6310 . Trede immurgu .i. ōna trednaib menci asberar dī `Trede, however, is so-called from her frequent fastings,' BColm. 8.27 . cidh maith tredhan is troscud, ZCP viii 231 § 4 . ro furailseat a sruithe forro da thredhan do dhenamh, AFM i 370.x . ? rian tregain terc(h)tha trogain, Acall. 2416.