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n o, m.(tuilide)

(a) bastard, fatherless child: dorinde se rithim dána andsin, ┐ "Duan na Tuiledhach" a hainm (a woman had attempted to father a child on Colum Cille), BCC 380.1 . tosach na Duaine sin na Tuileadhuch .i. `Mac nach lem, liter orm-sa,' 380.16 (see ZCP viii 561 ). See tuilide.

(b) one belonging to another race and having no legal claim to rank, interloper, usurper: ar Uíbh Muireadhaigh a-muigh | ní tuileadhaigh Uí Thuathoil (i.e. are rightful kings over), Top. Poems² 876.