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Forms: tuille, tuilleamh, tuillti, tuillem

n o, m. vn. of do-lína. In Mod. Ir. somet. tuille, SG 273.3 . ML 184.13 . tuilleamh, 1 Chron. xxix 3 (by confusion with tuillem, q.v.). pl. tuillti, Cóir Anm. 70 (316.z) . IGT Verbs § 71.

(a) act of increasing, adding to: ni relic Dia Dauid dil | do th.¤ int slúagaid sin to add to the number of that host, SR 6430 . ni thechta duinne t.¤ noibscreptra dianechtair `it does not behove us to add to the Holy Scripture from without,' Hib. Min. 408 . dogniat arale immurgo guchoibsenae do thuildiud inda ldeth fadesin do tormuch pende foraib ┐ ni coir son, Mon. Tall. 153.1 .

(b) increase, additional quantity, supplement: A. ... doróine in t.¤ .i. a secundo uersu usque In finem laudis , Fél.² clvii 39 . muine airbiatar chuice in tuilledh `wenn ihm die `Zufüllung' nicht in Naturalleistungen geliefert worden ist,' ZCP xv 240 § 3 (perh. leg. tuillem, Thurn. Hdb. p. 241 ). cen tulled cen dígbáil with nothing added or deducted, LU 2548 . a n-umalóit do dénum cen t.¤ cen dígbail, PH 5094 . co fagba t.¤ `somewhat more,' Metr. Dinds. iv 362.152 . am tuillidh do char 'n-a gceann it is time to add to them, Aithd. D. 17.9 . deich cét toin can cleith ar ceal | fichi cét toin a tuillead (=i t.¤ in addition ?), Lec. 1721a28 . fer tuillid (name of a drinking-cup), SG 97.33 .

Introducing an additional paragraph or section: tuilleadh dod chéibh ... | uaim, a Aodh (introducing additional stanzas after dúnadh), DDána 84.46 . tuig tuille leat a leughthoir, MS. Mat. 583.3 . tuilleamh fós, 1 Chron. xxix 3.

In phrase co t.¤ and more: na briathra-sa co t.¤ , PH 1691 . fri re bliadhna co ttuilleadh, AFM ii 858.y . in saethar sin cona thuilledh, Aen. 871 . Note also: Amentes se seacht a shel | a tri rotheacht dia thuillead in addition (?), Lec. 27vb6 . ni bia acht nos do thuillead dam it will be merely additional reputation for me (?), 212vb6 .

(c) With follg. gen.: t.¤ péne, LU 2098 . a th.¤ nua-pheccaid (of the body), PH 8227 . ? tuille cloinne flatha Fail | Maolfuad, LL 394.28 . atá teaghlach a thighe | ar tí tuillidh muinntire, Dán Dé xxi 29 . cuiridh eagla Dé tuilleadh laithe = timor Domini apponet dies, TSh. 2678 . do chum tuillidh neamhdhiághachda, 2 Timothy ii 16 . In phrase t.¤ anma an additional name, cognomen: tuccad t.¤ anma fair .i. Abraham, PH 5680 . ba Forann tuilleadh anma gach righ Eighipht, BB 18a55 . Cf. tuc sua mater (sic leg.) tre báide t.¤ sillaibe fris (expl. of name Conandil= Cona+dil), Fél.² lxii 24 .

(d) Folld. by various prepositions. With ar: atá in cnocc ... | cen t.¤ air ar airde `without addition to its height,' Metr. Dinds. iii 46.82 . ēnrēd de nī theisteobha, | t.¤ air nocho bīa, ZCP vii 302.31 . tuilledh ar trí mhíle, AFM ii 664.12 . tuilleadh ar thrí céd fer, Cín Lae Ó Meall. 9.9 . With de more of: cuiream t.¤ innar longaib do shétaib, Mer. Uil. 44 . tuillead do cloind A., Lec. 219ra18 . tuilleadh ... d'alladh, Aithd. D. 11.21 . tuilledh dia míorbhuilibh, BNnÉ 121.4 . With do: comadh tuilledh dia h-alladh, BB 351a7 . Cf. Metr. Dinds. i 6.12 . With fri: tuilledh fris `an addition should be made to it,' Laws i 278.20 Comm. tuilleadh ré, DDána 13.2 . tuilleadh re ceud bliadhain o shoin, Donlevy v 8 . With la: tuilleadh le toirse, Aithd. D. 3.6 . gach uile ni ... ┐ tuille leo, MS. Mat. 658.3 . gach ní dar cuir in papa do t.¤ leis na haithfrenaibh `every addition ... to the masses,' Maund. 269.

(e) With ocus: atá tuilledh is ar thuirmes `more than I have recounted,' Studies 1920, 418.59 . tuilledh ┐ da ced, Stair Erc. 1491 . tuilledh 'sar luaidh sinn still more than we have mentioned, BNnÉ 249 § 203 . t.¤ ┐ coictigis, Ann. Conn. 1409.8 .