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Forms: arrae

v (renaid) ` pays (more strictly hands over) on behalf of another or pays over (something) in place of (something else)', Binchy, Ériu xix 51 . maruthboi olc do format errenad in met dochoid trid hi mudu ma beith hi folud, vii 160.y `let him make good the amount', Binchy loc. cit. The follg. are also included here rather than under as-ren (q.v.) on the basis of the spelling e(i)rr- not é(i)r-, but the contexts hardly support the distinction of meaning and the absence of forms in a(i)rr- (cf. vn.) may indicate some confusion between the two compounds. See also GOI 508 . co n-éirren fris a crō, Ériu i 214.17 . errenaid gl. adpendite, Ml. 20c2 . mana errither fo cedoir, O'Curry 877 ( H 3.18, 393ab ), cf. ce rerethar, 836 ( 382a ). mani eirre bidbaid sāraigetar cāin (eirsiv, erse, v.l.), Cáin Ad. 47 . ? mad (leg. mani?) eirr ind aithgin, Laws ii 188.9 . Vbl. of necess. fortā a forus na cānae asn-eirrithi lānfīachaib do A. na banscāl romarbthar, Cáin Ad. 41 . as n-erraithi, O'Curry 2160 ( Eg. 88, 4(5)b ). ? is erithe cach deitid, O'D. 939 ( H 3.17, 659a ). dīre .i. dī-errethe do nimt[h]ib ar a n-ūaisligit[a]id, Corm. Y 417 .

Vn. arrae.