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v ( air-(to)-tét, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 642 , 646 ) goes in the place of, compensates for: artáott troscud sin `this serves in place of a fast', Mon. Tall. 161.11 (§ 80) . ni aurtet ní laisim cetamus a tabirt iterum dondhí hua taberr riam it does not compensate in his opinion to restore it to the giver, 143.13 (§ 41) . ma ro marbthar . . . artet a cinaid amal cach, Laws iv 176.26 `if it (the stinging bee) is killed, that compensates its liability as in any other case', Plummer MS notes. cip lestra dia thoth [in cocrann] dib artet a fiach, 178.11 `whatever hive the lot falls on compensates for its fine i.e. it is forfeited as a fine', ib. artet sochaide cinaid noenfir, 16 `the multitude (i.e. the hive) compensate for the liability of the individual', ib. ? arthet fothecht ri fala / da mnai hui Diulchara (ref. is to one of Morann's collars ( IT iii 190 § 15 ) but source of this incident has not been traced), LL 17947 .

Perh. also in: Cu-chuimne / ro-lég suthe co drumne / al-leth aile arata / ro leic ar a chaillecha . . . al-leth n-aile araid cúi / legfaid huile, corop súi, Lib. Hymn. 32.18 (cf. AU i 208 , AFM i 344.3 , ZCP vi 3.13 `die ihm voranschreitet', Thurn.). Cf. aracae.