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Forms: aidbrid, aidbred

v Also as simple vb. aidbrid. sues, claims to be true (fír), originally verifies, identifies, draws public attention to. Often used in the Laws to describe a preliminary to litigation, as, for example, when the owner of stolen property identifies it in the possession of another person and formally accuses him of theft: is cumai fiach neich doci ┐ nad aidbri ┐ nad thobaing . . . fri neuch cullius soiri an domnaig i.e. he who sees and does not sue or levy has to pay the same fine as he who breaks the law of Sunday, Anecd. iii 22.18 . leth di neuch adhiri ┐ dotboing, 23.1 . ni dlegor iardach foraib / do chin adírther `for a crime that is alleged', Ériu xvi 183 § 37 ; 'may be substantiated' The Kingship and Landscape of Tara 137 § 37 . aidbris . . . in rechtaire in claideb ┐ dorigni tecta n-adbriuda occa `the steward sued for the sword', IT iii 200 § 65 . cach aidhbriudh docuisin, cach laisi (.i. oca) naidbrither is lais a tuinide, O'C. 336 ( H. 3.18, p. 185 ). itir in fer aidhbris ┐ in fer ro crec fris, O'D. 852 ( H 3.17, c. 606 ). ait i n-aidbrither, O'Dav. 1140 . aidbrither . . . an ceile `the tenant is sued', Laws v 360.6 Comm. With oc claims from: is ac gataigi . . . ro haidbriud na seoit the seds were claimed from a thief, O'D. 1653 ( H. 5.15, p. 21b ). cach indraic aidbres ac indraic . . is lais intí `ga naidbrither a imdenam, O'D. 1631 (H 5.15, p. 17a) = gach innraic aidhbris a set ag eisinnraic . . ., O'C. 2288 ( Eg. 88, 21b ). ac urradh ro aidbred in set `the sed was claimed from a native freeman', Laws iii 242.6 Comm. in fine oca n-aidbrither, i 206.24 . ní fétuidh in tí dá tabuir cu n-aidbridthur occa, 248.19 Comm. cídh í an inraic aidhbres cidh aice aidhbrethar, O'C. 2151 ( Eg. 88, 3ba .) cid iat aidbres cid aca aidbrither, O'D. 1641 - 2 ( H 5.15, 19a .) With FOR claims against: cach ni uile aidbrius an flaith forsin cele, Laws ii 274.23 Comm. gémadh hí Ere d'aidbredh ar na hallmarchaib even though he claimed all Ireland, Caithr. Thoirdh. 93.35 .

Vn. aidbred.