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Forms: ecnae

v (* ess-gni-n-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 546 ) recognizes, understands, knows. Indic. pres. 1 s. sapio .i. asagninaim, Sg. 146b16 . Pass. sg. asagnintar as nduine . . . intan asmberar Uirgilius assagnintar assin doacaldmaiche tre dilsi, Sg. 29a3 . is i foilsigud frecṅdairc asagnintar in ego, 197b4 . asagnintar int ainmnid in uerbo, 210a10 . Pl. asagnintar, Sg. 209b13 . is and asgniintar in charait intan mbither in periculis , Ml. 108b4 . Subj. pres. pass. sg. co asagnoither nand sechmadachte `so that it may be understood that it is not preterite', Sg. 180b2 . Subj. impf. pl. 3 ciat ngneitis if they had recognized him, Blathm. 391 . pret. and perf. 2 s. mea cognitione .i. asgensu . . ., Ml. 140b3 . 3 s. nis fuigli nad ergeouin na bi mesach slan he cannot give judgement who doesn't know . . ., Laws i 266.13 .i. in ti nach athgheoin, 296.21 Comm. is dithre o lesaibh airechta neich nadi ergeoin, 84.12 .i. in ti nach aithnenn, 25 Comm.

Cf. ad-gnin, 1 ecnaigid, in-gnin.

Vn. ecnae.