2 séol

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n o, n. scarcity, dearth : seol .i. caile ł gan[n]ugud ut est seol neatha, CIH iii 809.5 . seol netha .i. beg don arbur, CIH v 1866.11​ . seol netha ┐ blechta ┐ mesa, CIH iv 1377.38 (consequences of false judgement)​. disce mblechta, millead measa, seol netha, CIH i 219.18 (consequences of the injustice of a king)​. blíadain a tuisten, blíadain a séoil, blíadain a síl gl. is isan bliadain tanaisi is gnaithem seol ┐ aputh (leg. apthu) for bechaib 'the year of their origin, the year of their scarcity, the year of their multiplying gl. it is in the second year that scarcity and death are most likely to affect bees', Bechbretha 52 § 5 .