2 basc

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n see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 77.24 . Expld. as necklet, neckband, apparently consisting of or decorated with beads of precious stone and circular in shape: b.¤ dano cach nderg. b.¤ in tan is do chuimriuch brāget is nomen is dona mellaib dracondaib is diles when it refers to the binding of the neck it refers properly to the balls of dragon-stone (?), Corm. Y 132. See below. b.¤ a fascia (fasciae, MS.), O'Mulc. 127a. Apparently adjectival in b.¤ , cruinn `round', Eg. Gl. 758 (cf. O'Cl. below).

Compds. ¤airm circular place: b.¤ a circle , Eg. Gl. 752. baiscmell necklace of round beads: cona b.¤ fo brágait forsa rabātar secht mill ┐ secht fichet mell do smeruib mucc mugdornd `with a necklace', MacCongl. 122.36 (perh. to be read as basc mell). Note also: baiscmhall (leg. baiscmell) .i. cruinnmheal, O'Cl.