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u, m. vn. of 1 bíathaid. act of feeding; maintaining: amal as toisc fri biathad na forcitlaide `to support the teachers', Wb. 31d17 . do biathad bocht, Thes. ii 334.14 . is becc an bolcg-sa . . . ┐ is doilig rí do bíathad de, BColm. 60.12 . basa brugaid bíata dám (rhet.) a hospitaller providing food for companies, Fing. R. 496. fer cech n-aidchi dia mbiathad . . . in fer toesech in biatta, Ériu iv 26.3 , 4 . é féin do bhiathadh do bhiadhaibh séimhe soineamhla, TSh. 561. ag biathadh na gcloch do bhíodh san teinidh orra plying the (cooking) stones with them (sc. pieces of meat), Keat. ii 5109. Fig. in sisma . . . do biathad itir na saorchlanna `to nourish this . . . schism', Caithr. Thoirdh. 9. 24 . is granna duit beth gom brath ┐ gom bíathadh `baiting or luring me' (Plummer MS. notes), BS 60.20 .

Legal: leth a chinad immurgu fair ar biathad ut est: [bera] fiachu leptha for nech biathas [bid]baid (of liability incurred for maintaining an outlaw), ZCP xv 360.23 (Caratnia 45 Comm.). biathad ┐ methad feeding (swineherds) and . . . fattening (pigs) (of work performed by woman or housewife, see Thurn., Stud. in E. Ir. Law 34 ), Laws ii 366.20 .

Feeding, refection, of the obligatory provision of food for the stranger and his `company' on a journey; the particular foodstuffs to be provided and number of accompanying persons entitled to maintenance depended on the status of the visitor , see Críth G. p. 76. (of the `ócaire') bíathad deise dó di as ┐ grús nó arbaimm; ní dlig imb, Críth G. 115. is a lín bíata bís lín for coí, 400 . (of servile debtors) na dlegait biathad acht bochtan, no urchaelan, no bairgen huasal laithe, cona handlonn, Laws i 106.1 . uair dlegar dona gradaib flatha biatha gin ímcomarc `the chieftain grades are bound to entertain without asking' (i.e. without questioning those who seek sanctuary), iv 263.6 .

Food-rent which a nobleman or landowner was entitled to from a tenant or base client in return for a fief , see Críth G. loc. cit. refection for the fief i.e. annual payment-in-kind (Thurneysen), ZCP xiv 336 ; refection as a legal due from tenants, subjects, etc. to the chief, the amount and periods being fixed by law or custom or agreement, Plummer MS. notes. See also Études Celt. xii 514. biathad airech, Laws i 122.11 .i. na ngrad flatha, do neoch is flath cetgiallna, ar aine . . . .i. o ceilib na n-airech `the food-tribute of a chieftain . . . it has a stay of one day', 126.24 - 25 Comm. b.¤ dá ráithi ó ríg Cruachan dó-som (of the king of Cashel on visitation to vassal states), Leb. Cert.² 34. císa . . . bésa ┐ biata ríg Temrach, 1469 . ní dlegar do Ūib Gusān . . . bīathad ríg Midi `to provision', BColm. 64.20 . biathadh aidedh tuaithi na duna, Laws iv 18.9 Comm. rotbía tír lind cen chís, cen biathad cen ṡlóged, Ériu iii 140.17 . a chuairt-sean ┐ a aimsear bhiadhta orra, Keat. iii 2636 . biadhadh bocht is nocht, Keat. Poems 1411.

b.¤ grinde, crinde baptismal refection (?): caite in ḟled deoda . . . biathad grinde (no c written over g-, MS.), glossed: biad cretme .i. bathais .i. log in baistithi, SM Facs. 47b17 ( Laws iii 18.18 ) = biathad crinne .i. logh na baisti in tan is im linn ┐ im biadh doberar, O'Dav. 504.