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n , f. (bithbinech) habitual viciousness, criminality: mac fonocair a aithir ara b.¤ a son whom his father proclaims for criminality (one of nine designations of sons whose fathers are not bound to joint fosterage), O'Curry 2095 (H. 4.22, 73-74). cinta b.¤ `crimes of delinquency' (of a foster-son), Laws ii 178.12 Comm. iar na focra don aite a bithbince don athair `of his (son's) misconduct', 18 Comm. (of fighting dogs) lan fiach fo bithbinchi o cach dib ina ceile, iii 194.21 Comm. leth fiach fo b.¤ for boin, 228.15 Comm. (of destructive hens) comu fiach bithbinchi uathib is na bechaib, iv 116.22 Comm. (of damage done by driven cattle) leth [fiach] for na hanmandu fo bithbiniche `habitual viciousness', v 138.5 Comm. acht narab tre bichbinchi foglaigit ris `confirmed viciousness', 488. z Comm. (of a defective structure) acht mane tormaigea bitbinche .i. in dénta, no aicbeile ngnimraidh, iii 174 n.1 . lan fiach fo b.¤ in denta o fir in denta `according to the imper- fection of the structure', 254.27 Comm.