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Forms: bráithirsi, brāthairsi

n io, [n.], see GOI § 262. (bráthair). bráithirsi (bráthairsi, v.l.) f., IGT Decl. § 3. brotherliness, brotherhood; kinship: brāthirse n-ailgen `gentle brotherliness', Celtica viii 62 § 9 , see § 9.36 Notes . do bith doib 'na mb.¤ , SR 3056. a bé balc cen brathirse, LL 27716. a mbrathirsi do aiditin frisna bochtaib `brotherhood', PH 7881. nīrbo brātharda (cia do braithirse, v.l.), ba holc (sc. the slaying of Loegaire by his brother), Fing. R. 447. a bunudus ┐ a braitirsi kindred , BB 238a27 . begán ar brathairsi, / foraemait d'ua Ainmirech for the sake of kinship, MR 186.13 . ara nderndais brāithirse fri Corco Chē that they should make an alliance with, ZCP viii 315.7 . a mbrathairsi bhunaidh do tabairt ar aird do their ancient kinship, RC xliii 102 § 105. san láthairsi gibé a báigh / táir bráthairsi (laithirsi: braithirsi, v.l.) Dé fa deóigh, IGT Decl. ex. 191. bá gar a ngaol ┐ a mbrathairsi diaroile `friendship' (kinship ?), AFM v 1638.24 .

In legal sense membership of the same fine, family kin-group. This could be acquired e.g. for an adoptive son or an outsider ( Laws ii 284.23 and 286.5 Comm.) in varying degree, see ZCP xv 338f .: rucus nemchomēric (sic leg., ZCP xvi 223.15 ) fini im brāthirse . . . [Ba] deithbir, ar nīrbo brāthirsi cōrusa fine ro-chrīth ann I adjudged not, despite kinship (within the `fine'), an equal share of the `éraic' of the `fine' . . . for it was not kinship (with the right) of the law of the `fine' that was acquired there, xv 338.22 - 23 (Caratnia 29). cedra (perh. for cēt-rāth, Ed., 11) cairdi .i. cain, cairdi Fene, brathairsi brotherhood (`Aufnahme in die Sippe),' Ir. Recht 9 § 12. ar fintiuch `kindred', Laws ii 332.9 .i. ar bratairsi, 18 Comm. iubail (sic leg., ed.), v 496.3 .i. bratarse .i. anfisa `relationship (?)' (prescriptive right i.e. of kindred ?), 12 Comm. ? finnatar . . . brathir scéo mbroga (rhet.), LU 3476 perh . for bráthirsi mroga `kinship of land', SCC² 273 n .

As qualifying gen. fā báidh brāthairsi leō-sum ann sin brotherly affection, ML² 1573. na tibriut raith mbraithirse fri corus a fine kin-surety (?), Laws ii 286.6. Comm.