afameinn, abamin

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: af(f)amenad

conj. (orig. a vb.) introducing an optative clause would that, I should like etc. See GOI § 899 . Vendryes, Études Celt. viii 304 ff. , ZCP lvii 65 , KP 475 . ` o' aduerbium est uocandi et optandi .i. o .i. afameinn pro vtinam ', Sg. 207b14 . With nasalizing rel. clause: abamin for-n-aidminte `would that thou wouldst call to mind', 161b11 . With non-rel. constr.: afomensa dognethea `would that thou wouldst do it', H 3.18 , p. 41 marg. sup. a menain si congabaind an Chaisc dóib ar ái cormae, Irish Texts i 7 § 23 `I should like to keep Easter for them in the matter of ale', Ir. Hist. Stud. i 126 § 23 and note p. 350 . Preterital af(f)amenad is used for past wishes (of another person): forcomnacair buith a maicc som hi róim affamenad som didiu no légad a macc inn heret sin imbói . . . ┐ afamenad raḟessed in roleg . . ., Sg. 148a6 . Cf. fomenainn, do-ménainn.