3 breis

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n [f.] (cf. 1 bres ?) increase; profit, advantage: Eocho Mumo mó cech b.¤ , LL 2378. cath tar bh.¤ a saerḟear soin `disproportioned to his few noble men', Miscell. Celt. Soc. 346.3 . cach b. for bith chē every profit of this world, ACL iii 223.2 . b.¤ ar Mhumhain `the growth of M.'s power', Aithd. D. 20.20 . fá mór an bh.¤ mhaoine dó seoch cách `his wealth far exceeded that of all others', Keat. ii 2784. créad a bhrígh nó a bh.¤ `what would be its . . . profit ? Content. v 141. b.¤ do bhuain dínn `to deny us our superiority', v 84 . cuid don bheagán breise ` majority ' (of generations of Niall's line), 118 . b.¤ feasa, De Imit. 6.5 . b.¤ is buannacht mhic Leoduis `the taxing and billeting hordes of Mac L.' Ó Bruad. i 198.10 . In chevilles: anba an bh.¤ , Aithd. D. 31.31 . in topair bi buan can b.¤ (: geis), Ériu vii 229 § 74.

Compd. in gach breisdíol dár bheanadar-san díobh, TSh. 5129 `exorbitant interest ' (Gloss.) `premium or interest on money (or goods) given or received on loan', Éigse xiii 26.