1 cainche

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n in names of plants: gabh mes torcalladh ┐ caince coilleadh ┐ bearbhar ar uisge, 23 K 42, 339.2 . galitricum .i. an caince coilleadh, 444.16 . c.¤ coille `the maiden-hair of the wood', P. O'C. galitricum .i. in cæin cir coillig `the bright cock's-comb crista galli sometimes called in England yellow rattle', RC ix 234 . crann c.¤ `a quince', P. O'C. aball c.¤ `a quince apple', ib. Cf. cainchean `moss-crops', Hogan Luibhl. (? cf. canach). See also Cuince, Cuinche, Hog. Onom.