1 cais

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Forms: caise

n also caise. Expld. both as love and hate , and in texts capable of either meaning acc. to context: cin c.¤, cin miscais .i. ni ar s[eirc] leis a seoit ┐ ni ar miscais, O'Curry 2579 ( Eg. 88, 49(50)a ). ni tongar ar c.¤ (.i. na seoit) na miscais (.i. an fir forsa liter), 2581 (49(50)b). cen c.¤, cen miscais, Laws v 460.20 . dar c.¤ caindénam `instead of hatred well-doing', ACC 51 . ba mór a ch.¤ 'co a lesmáthair `his step-mother's hatred for him', ib., quoted also O'Cl. s.v. c.¤ .i. mioscais. cen meth, cen ditha, cen ch.¤ , SR 1015 . cocanat ceola cen ch.¤ , 1019 . ba sainc.¤-seom di Aillinn `the special love of A.', RC xiii 221.4 . duit tugas mo chéadch., Dánta Gr. 15.26 .

In glossaries: c.¤ .i. miscais, ACC 51 . `caisi' miosgois, `caisi' serc, Metr. Gl. D.60 , quoted O'Cl. s.v. c.¤ .i. grádh. `cáisi' mioscais, `cáisi' searc / . . . / dias dan[a] comhdhual cáisi, Metr. Gl. Ff. 76 . O'Cl. ib. In B. na f.: cen ch.¤ .i. cen carthain, ZCP iii 223 § 5 . fūath do barcaibh, caisi (.i. grádh) d'feis, v 483 § 4 . c.¤ gach taidhg, O'R. Poems 2141 `the beloved of every poet'. mo c[h]. is c.¤ 'na agaid `my love . . . is met by hatred(?)', Éigse i 86.8 .

Compd. dremhan an caisgen tibhes `horrible the hateful laugh she laughs', Fianaig. 16 § 42 .

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