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écconda adj(éccond) senseless, foolish : ba hecconnda
doibhsein dol i mescc a namat . . . lasan uathadh slóigh
robáttar FM vi 2212 .

éccondacht n(éccond) senselessness, folly : as de asberor
5Ess Da Ecconn fris, don eccondacht et don dícheill
doroine ben P. et a ghiolla, Leb. Gab. i 26 .

éccondaid : xsee éccnaid.

éccondail : xsee éccundail.

éccondus n u, m. want of foresight, heedlessness (?) : anfis
10no ances no econnus (causes of exemption from fines due
for failing to redeem a distress), Laws i 102.22 Comm.
Of illegal injury to stock in distraint : econnus .i. lis ┐
buailidh ┐ faithc[h]e im cinuid do denumh riu i n-inadh
dibh sin co hindligthech .i. ni fitir arma ecomadhais doib
15... ii 50.23 (the text is doubtful here, as the gloss seems
rather to apply to éccubus).

éccórach adj o-ā (éccóir) irregular, improper, unjust :
masu sinde tra is é Bragmanda a n-aenur adat
dáine dligtechu, Alex. 920 = Anecd. v 5 . ag buain a
20sheilbhe féin go héagcórach dhe, TSh. 8997 .

éccosc n o, u ; n., later m. ; the form ecoisce BB 262a54
( IT iii 195 § 36 ), if not a scribal error may be g p. (a)
external characteristics, distinguishing mark, sign by which
a person (thing) is known for what he (it) is : conróbad
25écoscc a cheneóil foir the mark of his nation (i.e. circum-
cision) Wb 6d6 . is hecen sainecoscc leosom for accrannaib
inna ní prechite pacem (gl. quam speciosi pedes evangeli-
zantium pacem) 5a5 . ecosc n-abstal forib 24a25 . basa
iudide ó écosc...nipsa iudide ó béssaib 10d34 , 35 . come-
30techt dia n-écoscaib cen chometecht dia mbésib indulgence
of their external customs but not of their morals
11c5 . is
e in n-écosc .i. cride imthoimnech co ngoirtius nemnech co
ndéraib troma, etc. (indications of repentance) PH 6442 .
ba berrad mogadh (.i. ecosc) bai fair-seom, Arch. iii 12 .
35 Cf. cach lasa mbiat fethla .i. ecusc no comartha, O'Dav. 899 ,
cf. (f) below.
(b) kind, species : sainécosc noe (gl. celox, species est
navis) Sg 69a24 . an uair rachair d'innsaighi in othair...
féch ar tús créd é in t-écosc .i. in ben nó in fer é (i.e. sex)
40 O'Gr. Cat. 232.26 .
(c) in general, appearance, aspect : oft. in combination
with delb, cruth, and nearly synonymous, though strictly
used in a wider sense, including dress, etc., as well as
person ; snuadh .i. ecosc no sainfeth, O'Dav. 1417 . ba
45hed ecosc na n-erc...i bae findae aúdergæ, Corm. Y 585 .
dorīmi a ēugosg feib rombōi a lī 698 ( p. 59.22 ). a
crúth, a écosc, a chongraim FB 44 . tucsatar tuaruscabail
na hingene do etir chruth ┐ delb ┐ écuscc IT i 119.9 .
Moling 11 . ar chaine a dealbha ┐ ar ingantus a ecoisce
50(ecoisc v.l.) IT iii 195 § 36 . isin deilb ┐ isin ecosc in
rochesair (in ea forma habituque) Lat. Lives 97 . for
moladh crotha ┐ datha ┐ delbe ┐ eccoscca in clerigh,
Moling 41 . rogab eccoscc doidheilbh fair § 52 . tánic
Alaxander i fíadhnaisi na hingine do thaiselbadh a crotha
55┐ a écosca, a eirraid ┐ étaig, TTr.² 493 . ba docraid a
ecosc il-leth a broitt (deformis esse et truncatus habitus
videretur, of St. Martin who had given away half of his
cloak) Lat.L. 88 . boi menma fherrda i n-écosc banda aicce
(of mother of the Maccabees) PH 6613 . gnūisi bāna co
60n-ecusc dhuine mairbh acu RC xxviii 318 § 36 . gillae ecuisc
anindustae, Corm. Y 1059 s.v. Prull . fer écosca ingnaid a
strange-looking man
LL 289a33 . teora hialla go ro-
examlacht ecaisc (of bird flocks red, white and black) TBC
5632 St. dolluid fond ecosc sin FB 92 . isind ecosc cetna
65 PH 1546 . dealradh na diadachta i ndreich ┐ i n-eccoscc in
chleirigh BNnÉ 275.4 . a hégosg ní fhidir mé | ní théd súil
silleadh uirrthi, Studies 1922, 247 . ecosc namat ridicule of
(a person's) appearance (a punishable kind of satire) Laws v
228.27 (with gl.: namuitt um a ecosc .i. `ni sūil,' `ni
5srub' 232.8 ; cf. O'Dav. 1297 ). Of places, etc.: ecosc
ṅ-áimin...tegdassa adchondarc-sa, Thes. ii 292.22 . ecosc na
loch crotha gradhuill n-aluind, Anecd. i 51.1 . ba hedh a
hécosc na hindsi, tir mblaith mbuidhech 70.7 . ed a écosc
in taige LL 248b38 = ZCP iv 24z . Cf. cit. fr. Ériu
10 viii 135 below. a phuirt is iongnadh th' éagcosg (to a
castle), Ir. Monthly 1920, 539 . rob é airdmes...a n-eices écosc in armuige sin what they judged from the
appearance of that slaughter
MR 240 . By extension goodly
(ben) co ndeilb ┐ écosc ┐ soerchenel of fair form
15and presence
SC 42 . (d) garb, attire: triar cruittire con-écosc
ríg im cech n-æ LL 248b5 ( ZCP iv 33.22 ). coica ban...
co n-ecosc ban síde impu 250b45 ( ZCP iv 42.5 ). ica freasdul
la Magnus do bhiudh ┐ deoch ┐ edgud nó ecasc ( livery ?)
Marco P. 122 . (e) in a looser sense form, manner, guise .
20 eccosg .i. cuma, O'Cl. muadh .i. égcosg dealbh, no cuma,
ib. muad .i. egusc, Corm. Y 958 . co ructha a breth chōir
for cāch...i n-écosc co n-uamun ┐ co n-imecla in choimded
`in a manner suited to' PH 4154 . fo ecusc athgabala by
way of distress
Laws i 192.29 Comm. ara feiser fer recht[g]a
25i n-ecosc dilsi `that thou mayst know when a lawful man is
in the person
(i.e. the legal position) of an outlaw' iii 136.1 .
(f) various occasional uses— Argument, summary (indica-
tion of what follows): hæcosc (gl. argumentum) Wb 27d17 .
Figure of speech: hond ecosc [c]omarleicthiu by a permitted
(gl. schemate) Ml 20b14 . Equipment, accessories,
ornament (?): see (d) above and cf. further: fethal con-
duala .i....eccusc comduala, O'Dav. 992 , quoting Laws v
384.24 : ni conai fethal connduala what keeps the ornamented
(i.e. the case or covering) with gl.: ni coimedas ecosc
35dala coin 386.10 . feuthal .i. eugasg, Corm. Y 669 .
fethal .i. ecosc ut est sceith co fethal condual la cach n-ae
H 3.18, 616a (glossary to TB Fraích, cf. ZCP iv 33.20 ,
and see fethol). Cf. O'Dav. 899 cited above. rogha
iomdhaigh a nEamhain M. cona hégoscc orrdha fuirre
40`the apartment of your choice...with gilt facing' (gilded
aspect, splendour
?) Ériu viii 135.8 . In follg. ex. hecosc
may stand for thecosc: luid tria hecosc ┐ druidecht a
ṡenathar do Themuir through the instructions ZCP viii
311.18 .
45In fuil écosc fir agat, a ingen ? nimtha. an ail feis lem ?
ar C. are you married ? ZCP xii 252.15 .
Cf. emenina .i. bannda no banecusgda no bangnimach,
Auraic. 3091 .