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80 techtaid v ā (cf. 3 techt) I a) has, possesses: cia techtid nach
aile ni adchobraisiu ┐ ni techtaisiu, Ml 56b31 . im ní nad
techtai féin `about a thing that thou dost not possess,' 56b33 .
inná tecta cumachte gl. an non habet potestatem ? Wb 4c28 .
conna techtat a siansu corai, Ml 94c3 . ciped techtas nech,
85 Wb 12d41 . du cech sainredach ... techtas nech, Ml 37a18 .
a sainred techtas sech cách, 37b8 . dund rubrigach techtas
nech `of the preeminent thing that each has,' 37b19 . airis
inunn folud techtas fris in bocht, 61a8 . huare techtas
anmain, 138c2 . inunn folud techtmae, 74d4 . innaní techte
foirbthetith, Wb 2c11 . inna noibe techtae `that they have,'
5 Ml 37b4 . dint sainriud inna noibe techtae, 37b16 . cia
techtid `though he possess,' 56b30 . acht is ara techta,
122b7 . techtmae `that we should have,' 18d9 . techtaite
`that they should have,' Sg. 21b8 . nad techtadsom dliged
coimdemnachtae, Ml 17b6 . amal nís tectitis `as if they
10had them not
,' Wb 10b5 . ar nis rothechtusa adi (i.e. delic-
torum meorum), Ml 44b10 . ind neirt rothecht, 37b27 . is
forcell ... rothecht `it is a testimony ... that he had,' 44c10 .
óre rotectsat ní de riam (spiritual grace), Wb 1a9 . rotechtsat
gl. habuere, Ml 84c10 . notechtubsa gl. me habitaturum,
15 59b3 . manod-techtaid désheirc `if ye have charity,' Fél.
Ep. 389 . co ro-techta do mebair a créda know by heart,
PH 4178 . is derb na techtand fochraicc | inti na techtann
naire, Ériu v 26.3 - 4 . techtsat tria gaire a ngarmann `they
gained their titles
,' Met. Dinds. iii 198.14 . no thecht aichnid
20ó Mac Dé, SG 235.36 . treidhe gobhann ... | nír thecht
gobha re Ghoibhneand no smith possessed the qualifications
of a smith
, Celt. Rev. x 346.z . rothecht mhnaoi a dhingbāla
who had a wife, Fl. Earls 222.8 . do theacht (sic leg.) eang-
namh iocht is urghné, Ó Bruad. iii 210.
25Occasionally also with prep.: tri hanmunda ro-thecht
fair (Abraham), PH 5681 . rotecht ceithir anmand fair,
Lat. Lives 20.4 . dulli ... étach is mou no-thechtad immbe
(John the Baptist), PH 873 . ni ro-techta occut feirg thou
shalt not harbour anger
, 4094 . is aen athair techtmait-ne
30uli ocaind, 6004 .
(b) Gramm. has, possesses (meaning, case, sound, etc.,
of words, letters, etc.): cosnaib ilchiallaib techtas, Ml
37a10 . is hé asrubartmar techtas i nebrae `what we have
said is the proper meaning (?) in the Hebrew
' gl. secundum
35hunc sensum in Ebreo quoque, 54a32 . uirtutibus rothecht
digaimm, Sg. 7b16 . huare nád techtat (sic leg.) tinfeth,
10a8 . 214a5 . cisi aimser derb thechtas, 26a6 . ní techta sain
intshliucht and feissin `it has no special sense in itself,' 50a2 .
is airi ní techtat togarthid, 138a4 . o oin inna nilchial techtas,
40 154a1 . ni techtat arim, 161a2 . cenmitha innahí thechtaite
.u. no .i. ante .n., 179b2 . techtid cosmilius fri cechtar de,
188b5 . ba uisse ce notectad ilgotha fri inchosc in mrechtraid
sin, 197a11 . ni techtat sens iarna netarscarad, 202b2 .
sens aidbligthe thechtas, 221b3 . cid arna techta in psalmsa
45titul, Hib. Min. 365.
(c) In Laws possesses legally, has a legal claim on, is
entitled to: no nachae aenar nacha techta `or one alone may
have an interest in him
,' Laws i 260.8 . amuil dligit .i. tech-
tait, ii 286.21 Comm. in ti do beir na techta seilb `he who
50gives property which is not lawfully his
,' iv 32.18 . ni techtat
ba acht comperta, ii 404.14 . ni techta cond na ceill fo-mic
`there is no possession of sense legally in a minor,' v 510.4 .
In the following exx. meaning somewhat different but not
clear (translated `legalizes'): athgabail huine, acht ni
55ima thormaig cubus ... ni techtat for dail distraints of one
day, except those increased according to conscience ... these
do not become valid as a result of judgment
(?), Laws i 144.22 ,
.i. noca techtai[g]ther ni doib for dail, 146.10 Comm. ni
ro techtsad anta na dithmanda acht dithim n-aoine nama
60`they (the Feini) did not legalize,' i 262.y . adh na techta
tuinge .i. dligedh na techtand tuindi in feraind do som
`does not legalize possession ... does not justify possession,'
iv 4.17 , 21 (Text and Comm.).
II (a) contains, holds: deichmares ... | techtas co derb
65caterua, SR 768 . acht in rothecht ind oenbarcc except what
was contained in the one ship
(the ark), 2536 .
(b) has dominion over, rules over: cia no techtaind-se
éimh ... firu in talman andes, TTr.² 105 . ní techt Ēriu
oll | is fēliu nā is fearr, BColm. 34.4 . nae mbliadhna trichat
70rothecht | Eire ┐ Alba a naonfhecht, ZCP xi 44 § 48.
(c) overcomes, takes hold of (of sin, age, etc.): ram tech-
tatar (mo sir-peccaid), Ir. Lit. 6.4 . co romteacht áes is
críne till age and decay laid hold of me, Ériu iv 160.20 .
Various: ? cid im-a r-thechtais fri namait in chineda
75doena `why has thou associated with,' PH 2214 (see Gloss.).
? mor ndegfear ndana rotecta | and i mbuaili mbodba,
BB 432a36 . techtfaidh cach conghal fris raí fingal laís
forith cloc techtfaidh rígh, 266b59 . saerfaid lithrain
techtfaidh cath, 62 .
80 Vn. techtad.

téchtaid v ā (técht) (a) Intrans. freezes, congeals, coagulates:
ro thecht an talam futhu the earth froze under them, CCath.
2324 . sneachta mór ┐ reódh ... co ro thechtsat locha na
hEreann, FM ii 944.x . do theacht an mhuir, Atlantis iv
85144.12 . an ttechtann go luath déis a léigthe (of blood),
23 K 42, 122.14 . is faididi bís gan truailled ┐ ni techtfa
(of milk), Rosa Ang. 94.5 . sul do théacht a fheoil san óigh
ere yet his body was formed,' Dán Dé xi 17.
(b) Trans. freezes, solidifies, curdles: tēchtaid Dia an
tracht fona curc[h]aibh (i.e. prevented the tide from invad-
5ing the shore where the boats were), Anecd. ii 15.z . a Fhir
théachtas tonna an chuain, Measgra D. 61.38 . téucht
é `crudle it,' Eg. Gl. 592 . nach ar dhóirt tú amach mé
amhuil bainne, ┐ do théucht tú mé amhuil cáise ?, Job x 10 .
do théachtadh a thuatha used to consolidate his people (of
10a good chieftain), Caithr. Thoirdh. 32.26 .
Vn. téchtad. g s. thechtuidh, 23 K 42, 405.3 . a techtadh
┐ cruadhugud innus co roichfedh sluaigh imdha orra (of
waters), RC xxviii 310 § 3 . tonn fuar na muire mairbhe
arna techtodh ó oigri, Aisl. Tund. 104.8 . do fhuil Zacarias
15┐ sí ar t. ¤ with the congealed blood of Z., LB 144b4 . téchtadh
uighe san eon `the forming of the egg in the bird,' Dán Dé ix
24 .
Part. técht[t]a frozen, solid: ro bói in coiced i na thopor
thuli ┐ techta ac Conchobar, MU 8.18 (see técht (b). To
20 téchtae, MU² Gloss. ). gabaidh ina aghaidh ag snechta | cor
ba geal teachta gach taobh, SG 35.8 . buan-chneadh tínn
am clítioch téachta `in my frozen breast,' ITS iii 64.55 .
Cf. 2 téchtaide.