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adj (éco(i)sc) unprepossessing: adgládastar gilla anécoisc don tír ina ndiaid, Thr. Ir. Gl. 36.20 = gilla ēcuisc anindustae, Corm. Y 1059 (91.9) .


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adj (see CMCS xix 31 n. 27 ): gillae ecuisc anindustae (amal dastai (Bodl.); anindustai (Harl.), v.l.) ill-conditioned (indas)(?), Corm. Y 1059 ( Anecd. iv 91.9 ). Cf. aninnestaigh .i. drochédaigh, no drochécosc, ut est prull: do gluais gilla aninnestaigh leó, Ériu xiii 62 § 13 .


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Forms: dásthir, ndaister, ndaised, rodásed, rodassied, radássed, ndáste, dastar, dastai

v i, only in the 3 sg. pass. (ZCP x 453).

A with slender -st-: pr. ind. dásthir, TTr.² 1432 . imma ndaister , Ml. 50 d 2 .—pret. (perf.) ind. co ndaised , Dinds. 102 . rodásed, TBC-LL¹ (YBL) 700 . LL 258 a 11 . TFerbe 413 . Dinds. 144 . TTr.² 1432 , 1463 , 1609 . rodassied, LL 257 a 22 . radássed TTr. 1705 , 1750 .—pret. subj. co ndáste , LL 169 a 58 .

B with broad -st-: pr. ind. dastar, Three Hom. 8. 23 . pret. subj. amal dastai , Corm. Bodl. p. 32. 21 .

I With imm in the phrase dáistir imbi he becomes mad, furious , synonymous with dechraidir imbi.

(a) of persons: nech lasna bí ciall ┐ imma ndaister ishé asber nád fil dleged remdeicsen Dæ dia dúlib, Ml. 50 d 2 . rodased immi iarsin ┐ ronimmir for sluag na Fomórach, TFerbe 413 . rodassied immi, LL 257 a 22 . rodásed immisium ┐ dorochair cóic læch lais, ib. 258 a 11 . rachomaicsigsetar na catha dá céile cora dassed impu diblínaib, TTr. 1705 . ó raarig Hector a guin ┐ a athchumma radassed immi. raḟúapair fan sluag amal tarb ṅdasachtach, ib. 1750 . dásthir (sic) imbi iarum ┐ rodnimbeir forru amal foelaid etir cháircha, TTr.² 1432 . rodásed iarsin im Achil ┐ roimbir forsna sluagu a bruth, ib. 1609 . is bec ná rodásedh ┐ ná rodechrad impu, ib. 1344 . rodásed imna Mirmedóndaib. is bec na romid an talam la fichud na feirge bái na mbruinnib, ib. 1463 .

(b) of animals; of a horse : rodased imna heocho, TBC-LL¹ (YBL) 700 . of a pig : taraill a bolad mucca Cathair co ndaised impu, Dinds. 102 . ciped áird día mbeth in gæth taris (sc. in daire) ropad maidm cridi do muccaib Hérenn a bólud co ndaste impu oc saigid in daire, LL 169 a 2 f.b.

II Abs. without imm: atagladastar gilldae écuisc amal dastai ina ndíaid den tír called after them from the shore as if he were mad Corm. Bodl. p. 32. 21 . coro dianaigh a eocho coro daised ┐ coro dergenset a aided (= coro dáised impu), Dinds. 144 .

Obs. Cf. dásacht, dásachtaigthir, etc.


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adj (tecosc) indocile, unteachable: dorigne an goba in gaei dot[h]ecuisc intractable spear (impossible to check?), RC xv 305 ( Dinds. 14 ). a chineadh dótheaguisg, Matthew xvii 17 . drong do dhaoinibh doitheagaisg, TSh. 554 .


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Forms: ecoisce, hæcosc, hecosc

n o, u ; n., later m. ; the form ecoisce, BB 262a54 ( IT iii 195 § 36 ), if not a scribal error may be g p.

(a) external characteristics, distinguishing mark, sign by which a person (thing) is known for what he (it) is : conróbad écoscc a cheneóil foir the mark of his nation (i.e. circumcision) Wb. 6d6 . is hecen sainecoscc leosom for accrannaib inna ní prechite pacem (gl. quam speciosi pedes evangelizantium pacem) 5a5 . ecosc n-abstal forib, 24a25 . basa iudide ó écosc...nipsa iudide ó béssaib, 10d34 , 35 . cometecht dia n-écoscaib cen chometecht dia mbésib indulgence of their external customs but not of their morals 11c5 . is e in n-écosc .i. cride imthoimnech co ngoirtius nemnech co ndéraib troma, etc. (indications of repentance) PH 6442 . ba berrad mogadh (.i. ecosc) bai fair-seom, ACL iii 12 . Cf. cach lasa mbiat fethla .i. ecusc no comartha, O'Dav. 899 , cf. (f) below.

(b) kind, species : sainécosc noe (gl. celox, species est navis) Sg. 69a24 . an uair rachair d'innsaighi in othair... féch ar tús créd é in t-écosc .i. in ben nó in fer é (i.e. sex) O'Gr. Cat. 232.26 .

(c) in general, appearance, aspect : oft. in combination with delb, cruth, and nearly synonymous, though strictly used in a wider sense, including dress, etc., as well as person ; snuadh .i. ecosc no sainfeth, O'Dav. 1417 . ba hed ecosc na n-erc...i bae findae aúdergæ, Corm. Y 585 . dorīmi a ēugosg feib rombōi a lī, 698 ( p. 59.22 ). a crúth, a écosc, a chongraim, FB 44 . tucsatar tuaruscabail na hingene do etir chruth ┐ delb ┐ écuscc, IT i 119.9 . Moling 11 . ar chaine a dealbha ┐ ar ingantus a ecoisce (ecoisc v.l.), IT iii 195 § 36 . isin deilb ┐ isin ecosc in rochesair (in ea forma habituque) Lat. Lives 97 . for moladh crotha ┐ datha ┐ delbe ┐ eccoscca in clerigh, Moling 41 . rogab eccoscc doidheilbh fair, § 52 . tánic Alaxander i fíadhnaisi na hingine do thaiselbadh a crotha ┐ a écosca, a eirraid ┐ étaig, TTr.² 493 . ba docraid a ecosc il-leth a broitt (deformis esse et truncatus habitus videretur, of St. Martin who had given away half of his cloak) Lat. Lives 88 . boi menma fherrda i n-écosc banda aicce (of mother of the Maccabees) PH 6613 . gnūisi bāna co n-ecusc dhuine mairbh acu, RC xxviii 318 § 36 . gillae ecuisc anindustae, Corm. Y 1059 s.v. Prull . fer écosca ingnaid a strange-looking man LL 289a33 . teora hialla go ro-examlacht ecaisc (of bird flocks red, white and black) TBC-LL¹ 5632 St. dolluid fond ecosc sin, FB 92 . isind ecosc cetna PH 1546 . dealradh na diadachta i ndreich ┐ i n-eccoscc in chleirigh, BNnÉ 275.4 . a hégosg ní fhidir mé | ní théd súil silleadh uirrthi, Studies 1922, 247 . ecosc namat ridicule of (a person's) appearance (a punishable kind of satire) Laws v 228.27 (with gl.: namuitt um a ecosc .i. `ni sūil,' `ni srub', 232.8 ; cf. O'Dav. 1297 ). Of places, etc.: ecosc ṅ-áimin...tegdassa adchondarc-sa, Thes. ii 292.22 . ecosc na loch crotha gradhuill n-aluind, Anecd. i 51.1 . ba hedh a hécosc na hindsi, tir mblaith mbuidhech, 70.7 . ed a écosc in taige, LL 248b38 = ZCP iv 24z . Cf. cit. fr. Ériu viii 135 below. a phuirt is iongnadh th' éagcosg (to a castle), Ir. Monthly 1920, 539 . rob é airdmes...a n-eices écosc in armuige sin what they judged from the appearance of that slaughter MR 240 . By extension goodly appearance: (ben) co ndeilb ┐ écosc ┐ soerchenel of fair form and presence SCC 42 .

(d) garb, attire: triar cruittire con-écosc ríg im cech n-æ, LL 248b5 ( ZCP iv 33.22 ). coica ban... co n-ecosc ban síde impu, 250b45 ( ZCP iv 42.5 ). ica freasdul la Magnus do bhiudh ┐ deoch ┐ edgud nó ecasc ( livery ?) Marco P. 122 .

(e) in a looser sense form, manner, guise . eccosg .i. cuma, O'Cl. muadh .i. égcosg dealbh, no cuma, ib. muad .i. egusc, Corm. Y 958 . co ructha a breth chōir for cāch...i n-écosc co n-uamun ┐ co n-imecla in choimded `in a manner suited to' PH 4154 . fo ecusc athgabala by way of distress Laws i 192.29 Comm. ara feiser fer recht[g]a i n-ecosc dilsi `that thou mayst know when a lawful man is in the person (i.e. the legal position) of an outlaw' iii 136.1 .

(f) various occasional uses— Argument, summary (indication of what follows): hæcosc (gl. argumentum) Wb. 27d17 . Figure of speech: hond ecosc [c]omarleicthiu by a permitted figure (gl. schemate) Ml. 20b14 . Equipment, accessories, ornament (?): see (d) above and cf. further: fethal conduala .i....eccusc comduala, O'Dav. 992 , quoting Laws v 384.24 : ni conai fethal connduala what keeps the ornamented relic (i.e. the case or covering) with gl.: ni coimedas ecosc dala coin, 386.10 . feuthal .i. eugasg, Corm. Y 669 . fethal .i. ecosc ut est sceith co fethal condual la cach n-ae H 3.18, 616a (glossary to TBFr. , cf. ZCP iv 33.20 , and see fethal). Cf. O'Dav. 899 cited above. rogha iomdhaigh a nEamhain M. cona hégoscc orrdha fuirre `the apartment of your choice...with gilt facing' (gilded aspect, splendour ?) Ériu viii 135.8 . In follg. ex. hecosc may stand for thecosc: luid tria hecosc ┐ druidecht a ṡenathar do Themuir through the instructions ZCP viii 311.18 .

In fuil écosc fir agat, a ingen ? nimtha. an ail feis lem ? ar C. are you married ? ZCP xii 252.15 .

Cf. emenina .i. bannda no banecusgda no bangnimach, Auraic. 3091 .


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Forms: ingelt, inghealt, ingeilt, ingelta, hingheilte, inghealta, ingilt, ingeilt, innilt, ingelta

n ā, f. (i + gleith) n s. ingelt, BDD² 1032. inghealt, IGT Decl. ex. 588. a s. ingeilt, Trip.² 1086. g s. ingelta, Laws v 328.11 Comm. TBC-LL¹ 579. CCath. 2350. a hingheilte , DDána 78 § 14. inghealta, Studies 1918, 452 § 6 . d s. ingilt, Laws iv 164.8 . ingeilt, iii 184.z Comm. innilt, Celt. Rev. x 139.8 . a p. ingelta, O'D. 1564 (< H 5.15, p. 3, col. 2 ). See IGT Decl. 61.22 and 96.4 .


(a) act of cropping, grazing (trans. and intrans.) ; feeding (of cattle, birds and fish) : an ro saig bo co etrud for ingilt `as far as a cow reaches in grazing until milking-time' (transltd. s.v. etrud, RIA Dict. Fasc. E), Laws iv 164.8 . iní do dena for a scor, no for a ingeilt `while grazing,' iii 184.z Comm. léic na eocho ar a fergeilt (ara n-i.¤, v.l.), TBC-LL¹ 1130. oc fégad ingelta ro geltsat na eich (na hingealta doronsat, v.l.), 579 . ní fuaradur a n-echradha conair ingelta nó fér nó geltadais, CCath. 2350. ailbin d'aighib alltaib ... ag ingilt fheoir, Aen. 274. fá choimhréir ingelta is air `blessed with equal facilities for grazing or for tilth,' O'Gr. Cat. 475.32. Used of birds : elta do gésib sin tecait ... do geilt (do i.¤, v.l.) for maigib, TBC-LL¹ 1331. imdheachd sneachda da bur slúagh | inghealt úadh ag ealta én, IGT Decl. ex. 588 . ro bhi [ag] feithiomh na n-éanlaithe no go rainig leó sgur d'á n-innillt, Celt. Rev. x 137.11 . Of fish : go bhfeaca an t-éigne ag innilt forsan ath, 139.8 .

cúairt ingelta a grazing district, the land over which the cattle of a certain individual or a certain group might graze: frithe dogabhar ar in rót nó i cuairt ingelta nó itir faithchi ┐ dirinn, O'Dav. 1387. issed is [s]echtar-faiche ann, in airet ro soich cuaird ingelta on faiche amach, Laws v 328.11 Comm. na cethra ro hindsaig air a cuairt ingelta no na laithrinn dligthech, O'Curry 2103 (< H 4.22, p. 76a ). itir da cuairt ingelta do marbad é, O'Curry 2102 (< H 4.22, p. 76a ).

(b) ingelt (imm) herding, pasturing (trans.) : Sampait ... dia mbúi ic ingilt imma buáib, LL 167b26 . do bhí ag inghilt an tréada, Gen. xxxvii 2.

(c) Freq. used in metaph. sense : scáthderc sceo deilb illdathaig i.¤ súili sochaidi `a grazing for the eyes of a multitude i.e. an attractive spectacle,' BDD² 1032. i.¤ sula sochaidhi feccain a sgemhe agus a n-ecuisc , TBC-LL¹ 5447. feeding, preying ; prey: diabul dianad ingeilt druing díumsaig díchonnaircella in betha, Alex. 434. do lig ingheilt da loinn limtha leatarrthaigh ar curpaibh curadh `gave his burnished elegant blade a feeding on the bodies of heroes,' CF 657. atáid fraoch-Goill ... ag treisingheilt ar shaorchloinn an Ghaoidhil, Aithd. D. 35 § 6. iomthus éarma a hingheilte the tale of the course of its grazing (of an arrow piercing the body), DDána 78 § 14. ag ingheilt ar il-phianaibh ifrinn, TSh. 1963. clúain inghealta m'ionmhuine (applied to a friend), Studies 1918, 452 § 6 .

(d) Of nipping or pinching with the nails : gabhuis Cerbhall ag ingeilt fria a inccnibh for chois an riogh a riocht choisi Farbhluidhi, Ériu iv 57.12 .

II pastures, pasturage, grazing land: nocha n-indligthech do a ngabail a n-athgabháil no co rísat a tigi no a n-ingelta, O'D. 1564 (< H 5.15, p. 3, col. 2 ). doratt rí in tíri dó ... ingeilt .c. bó, Trip.² 1086. bui do cumga in inaidh ... conna fagbaidis a n-eachradha ingealta and, CCath. 2612. corrosaig cech bō cenn a hingelta, ZCP xi 93 § 25. fágaib Irrus aiten-gharbh | óir nír b'ingilt incaithme duitsi ..., Celt. Rev. iv 108.25 .


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[u, m.] vn. of 2 saebaid. IGT Verbs § 67 .

(a) act of twisting, contorting : suile ic a s.¤ (i.e. in death), CCath. 6095 . sestan na seolchrand ic sáebad bending LL 236a12 ( TTr. 1415 ). ní seachna nó saobhadh tug C. do'n urchar `swerve aside', ITS xxiv 120.6 . si . . . collum pervertitur . . . .i. da mbia saobhadh no claóine isin muinél, 23 K 42, 50.4 . go nár fhágaibh an ainbhthine . . . seól gan saobhadh untwisted, ML 48.18 . Of unnatural weather: saobhadh na síon, Dán Dé xxxi 12 . saobhadh síne, Keat. Poems 1506 . saobath ēcuisc (as a result of `vana gloria'), ZCP iii 28.14 = saeibath, Ériu vii 174.8 . Of a shipwreck: o'dclos do in saebhudh sin for loingius na T., Marco P. 150 .

(b) act of perverting, leading astray, deceiving : ní dúibsi is soíbud it is not imposing on you, Wb. 10d11 . ni sáibad sin `no deception this!' (cheville), Metr. Dinds. iii 6.49 . oc saebud in popuil o shaebforcetlaib, PH 2584 . deman . . . doluidh do shaobhadh ina sluagh, Anecd. ii 12.10 . Hiruath sin[n]ach saebtha sloig, YBL 138b38 . gur ēcōir do cuir sē s.¤ brēithre ar baisded na Lumbardach (sic leg.?) changed the wording (of a baptismal formula), ZCP xiii 180.35 . In phr. s.¤ céille act of losing one's senses, derangement, folly : saobhadh céille `perverseness of mind', Content. xii 2 . go ccuireann na daoine ar saobhadh céille makes the people lose their senses, Desid. 2931 . See saebchíall.


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Forms: scéim, sgíamh

n ā, f. (Lat. schema) n s. later also scéim. sgíamh f., IGT Decl. § 39 (91.17) .

(a) figure of speech : in sciám arafoimsom gl. scema `figure', Ml. 29a3 . ón sceim ascnaidi gl. scemate petito, 31c21 .

(b) form, appearance, guise : fo scéim chrábuid thogoethaid, PH 5307 . día rothogaibh spirat na hécsi cenn do fo sceib dodheilbh `under a hideous form', Cóir Anm. 272 . tri deichnemhair fa sgeimh sgol | na bhfhein chleithremair churad arrayed in bands (?), LL 394.2 = Keat. ii 4040 . In cheville: gan sceimh ngaind, BB 20b25 . beith co doichlech olc in sgīam | do neoch da fuil i corp criad is an evil guise, ACL iii 221.21 . fuilt sgaoilte go sgéimh thuirsigh, TD 24.24 . sgiamh aithmhéile ní háil linn | ar rinn áigh caithfhréimhe Ó gCuinn, DDána 79.21 . tancatar Connachta esti fo scem engnuma ┐ somasi `in valorous and honourable plight', Ann. Conn. 1235.10 . ? tucait tri xx. . . . cliab asna templaib mar oen riu-sin ┐ sciam cendaig tara n-ese token payment, pretence of payment (?), 1236.11 = sciamchendaig, ALC i 338.10 . scéimh eolchuire ar órdaibh atá ina dhiaidh, Ó Bruad. iii 58.9 .

(c) beauty, splendour : ingelt sula sochaidhi feccain a sgemhe ┐ a n-ecuisc , TBC-LL¹ 5448 (St.). bar sciam ┐ bar ndán la Fiachra, ol in drai the beauty and science that is among you, F. has it, RC xxiv 194.10 . Crimthaind Sciath-bél, roscáil s.¤ `whose beauty shone', Metr. Dinds. iii 164.5 . o sgéimh do sguch (of a dead pig), Irish Texts i 29.36 . do dhoirt Ceananndas a sccíamh | ōn ló nach maireann Níall féain, KMMisc. 348.27 . fīn sgēimhe nochar sgāthach (of a chief), ZCP viii 226 § 10 . a ghiolla gusan ngaillsgéimh `of foreign beauty', Studies 1924, 241 § 1 . in scīam cuiri 'mat c[h]olaind adornment, ACL iii 238 § 13 ( Aithd. D. 80.13 ). ní ar sgáth sgéimhe mo dhána | téighim d'iarraidh eadrána, Content. viii 25 . a naomha Erenn go scceim, BNnÉ 169.z . is dochraidh gránna mísgiamhach do-rinnis do sgéimh ┐ do dheagh-mhaise féin = decorem tuam, TSh. 1342 . atá sgéimh an tsaoghailse ag ternógh mar cheó, 1 Corinth. vii 31 .

(d) honour, dignity: ní ar sgáth sgéimhe mo dhána 'not on account of our poets' dignity' ITS xx 98 § 25 . do-bhéara sgiamh ort gun ól 'it will confer dignity on you at the drinking-feast ' Sages, Saints and Storytellers 167 § 21 . Compds. ¤adbul of great beauty: ag codarsnadh . . . re sgúdadhaibh sgiamh-aidhbhle, ML 48.7 . ¤glan polished, burnished : na sciath sciamglan, LL 236b6 ( TTr. 1447 ). le sguaib sgiamh-ghloin . . . an sgrúduighthe, TSh. 5250 . ¤glanaid polishes, burnishes : rascíamglanait a scéith, LL 232a27 ( TTr. 1106 ). ¤lúirech: ro gab sciamhluirig . . . tarsu imuich, CCath. 4680 . ¤thosach: ag agallmhadh na sgúd ┐ na sgiamh-thosach, ML 46.1 .