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1 ind , inn 1 extremities of the body; the top of the head; In pl., the extremities of the hands and feet, the extremities in general; sg. the tip; the tongue; of the eyes, pl. the points (cf. 1 rind) 2the point of a weapon or rod 3 the top (of a tree), the summit (of a hill) 4In general top, end, point, edge: metaph.; from top to bottom; rampart; fate; something that is slight, the least degree of anything: 5 edge (of a territory, etc.), surface ? (of water, etc.) 6Of time end, extremity
3 Ind the river Indus
ind-aig plies, applies, intrans. goes
ind-aim washes, bathes (the hands or feet) trans. and intrans.
ind-anich bestows, conveys, escorts, delivers
ind-árban 1 drives out, expels, rejects 2 impels
ind-eim receives
ind-feithi intends, fixes on
ind(ḟ)úaire coolness
ind(ḟ)úar 1very cold, chilly, cool, refreshing; As subst., cold 2 Fig. refreshing, pleasing, entertaining:
ind(ḟ)úarad 1act of cooling, refreshing; coolness 2Fig. cooling, refreshment, relief; un- relaxingly
ind-la goes in, enters into
ind-láidi pampers, softens
ind-midethar is zealous for, devotes oneself to
ind-nëat Trans. and intrans. waits, awaits, stays, endures
ind-ocaib exalts, glorifies
ind-oirg beats, crushes, breaks
ind-oisci reaches, attains; changes; distinguishes ?; act of changing
ind-reith invades, overruns, lays waste, devastates, plunders; fights (successfully) ?:
ind-saig ? 1 approaches, goes to, reaches, advances, advances upon, attacks 2 causes to advance, drives, brings in 3 puts forward, advances (a suggestion)4 seeks, demands, claims, seeks out 5 sues, prosecutes 6 enforces
ind-sói 1 turns, returns. (intrans. and trans.) 2 turns aside (from allegiance) 3Of being converted to the faith, trans. and intrans. 4 translates