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óre , (hóre)

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Forms: uaire, uair

conj. g s. of 2 ór (úair) < Lat. hora; orig. temporal conj.; in Glosses causative (co-ordinative and subordinative) for, since, because (Wb. = uaire Ml., Sg.). oire nundem mem- bur uili du Dea for we are all members of God, Thes. ii 246.5 ( Cambr. 37d ). hóre is amne atáa since it is so, Wb. 12d7 , cf. 12b6 , 8 . hóre dorrigeni Crist a n-uile so, 15d13 . hóre ni ro imdibed, 23d25 . hóre narbo lour linn a foirbthetu, 24b20 , cf. 5b12 . Later replaced by uaire, uair. See 4 ór.